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Advertising your sales on the streets

Advertising your sales on the streets

With the warm weather finally here, shoppers are out and about enjoying it. Whether they’re going to parks, beaches or stores, foot traffic is increasing, giving shops plenty of opportunities to lure people in with their window and store displays. However, some might be less inclined to leave the nice outdoors to go inside buildings on a whim.

Summer is the season where you have to be aggressive in your approach. With winter, customers generally line up at the door to get inside because of the chilly temperatures. But now that the weather outside is ideal, people will need some convincing to miss even a second of the climate they’ve been waiting for all year.

Take the fight to them
Businesses can’t just hope for shoppers to make their way to their storefront, they have to send passersby a message. There’s no better way to get the attention of people outside your doors than with a store fixture leaving your building to present itself to the world outside.

Message boards on the sidewalks in front of a store give people an idea of what lies within. They’re a platform for you to not only draw shoppers’ gazes, but make them actually think about your business. The versatility of message boards lets you put whatever note you want people to see. They can advertise a current sale, promote a hot new item or even just tell a simple joke to put a smile on pedestrians’ faces.

With a portable blackboard, you can even express a little artistic creativity with colored chalk for designs and drawings reflecting whatever the current trend, season or news is. This will help stimulate interest in the message conveyed while also setting your store apart from others. No matter what your message boards say, the exposure will only help your business during a time of maximum visibility.

A sign of good things to come
Besides the customizable message boards, some of your typical promotional posters can make their way from the windows and walls of your store to the street too. The signs can be for summer sales or limited-time only events, giving your outdoor presence a significant boost. Signs add to the atmosphere and draw extra attention to the message boards outside, catching the attention of even larger crowds who would have to go out of their way to not notice the visual array.

Sign holders allow these posters to stand up for themselves and give them more dimension than simply being taped to a window.