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Adorn a store with fall’s hottest hues

Adorn a store with fall’s hottest hues

One of the most important things retailers can do to prepare for the fall is to begin incorporating the season’s trendiest colors into store displays. While these hues will look great on any piece of clothing, they can pop in a store setting with the use of certain mannequins, especially if those models are in a color designed to blend seamlessly with a retail floor and make clothes pop.

Store owners can purchase custom color mannequins to spice up a retail space. These mannequins can be ordered in a variety of colors, any one of which can elevate the appearance of a display and work to enhance an ensemble. Here are some of the hottest colors for fall that you may want to consider adding to a display or purchasing as a custom mannequin:

Slate gray
Many customers are on the lookout for a tone that will allow them to showcase their trendy style without causing a scene. Slate gray can do just that. As one of the top selections for fall colors, this shade is quickly becoming more prevalent on runways and display tables. This gray hue may be a great choice for custom color mannequins, because it will complement practically any outfit you choose to display.

Moss green
Emerald green has been a top color through much of 2013, but recently a darker, moss-colored green has been rising in the ranks. This shade is certainly a unique color, but its natural tones allow it to act as a neutral color, making it ideal for pairing with other pieces. Pairing it with browns, blacks, khakis and other neutral shades creates a casual yet sophisticated look. For an edgier appearance, consider mixing in some jewel tones for a splash of color. As a bonus, this hue can be a terrific match for animal prints, which is another hot autumn style, resulting in a jungle-inspired look that is sure to turn heads.

Cobalt blue
For a vibrant color that will bring back memories of sunny days and warm seas, turn to cobalt blue. This electric shade is on pace to be a popular one throughout the colder months. Expect to see a lot of cobalt accessories in demand – a demand you can meet by stocking cobalt flats, belts and jewelry and adding these touches to mannequins. To really take the display to the next level, dress up a custom color mannequin with the shade. Whether cobalt is standing on its own or being accented with neutrals like gray or black, it can create an eye-catching display that draws shoppers to a store.

Pale pink
A gentler tone finding its way into fall fashion is pale pink. Normally associated with the spring season, this light shade could be the perfect complement to any other outfit. Think about pairing pale pink ties with men’s suits for a trendy look, or add cardigans and sweaters in this hue to women’s displays. Slightly bolder choices, such as a pale pink pea coat or pants, are also classy and stylish ways to incorporate the color into a wardrobe or store display.

Pure white
White may seem like a dull option, but this pristine color is set to be one of the most popular this autumn. However, displaying white garments on a standard mannequin isn’t always the best idea, as the white color of the model can create a confusing display that takes away from the clothing. Instead of showcasing snowy white outfits traditionally, add them to a custom color mannequin and watch as the outfit becomes a show-stopper.