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Add some fragrance to your shop

Add some fragrance to your shop

There are ways you can enhance your store displays other than with visual appeal. While the attraction of your display tables and fixtures is often what draws shoppers in to look at your inventory, aromas can help captivate them. The wide range of benefits a fragrance can have on your business may surprise you. People’s sense of smell ignores the rational part of the brain and accesses their emotions directly, which can help you guide customers to a more relaxed state of mind that is conducive for shopping, reported ABC News.

Not only can scents help set the mood, but people’s sense of smell creates the most distinct memories compared to the other perceptions. This gives your store an excellent opportunity to make a good impression that will last long after they leave.

How to get the natural odors out there
With spring in full bloom, there are many ways you can bring the smells from outside into your shop. One method is by placing some plants and flowers around your storefront for a natural look as well as the aromas they supply. This route requires significant maintenance and care to make sure none of the flora die. Adding live plants to display fixtures may only be a temporary option, as most flowers only blossom for a limited time and need to be watered regularly as well as positioned in sunlight.

Not many stores will have the extra time and energy needed to ensure the plants’ survival, and the range of their aroma is often restricted to their immediate vicinity.

A more lasting solution
For stores that desire to address all of the customers’ senses, but want a simple way to do it, there’s a way to get around the restrained nature of plants thanks to scent cubes. You won’t have to worry about range with these small devices, because they can cover a 500-square-foot space. By strategically placing scent cubes throughout your shop, you can guarantee that no matter where a shopper is, they’re breathing in the sweet aromas you want them to.

Scent cubes only require a few drops of whatever scent oil you choose, as they regulates themselves to make sure customers aren’t bombarded with perfumes the second they walk through your door. There are many different selections of smell that could work in tandem with the spring season outside and the products you’re trying to promote. Add some Sweet Earth oil as the temperatures slowly climb and then switch over to Summer Cocktail once the sun is blazing.

You can even put some of the scents on products themselves to attach certain feelings to particular pieces. When shoppers pick up your items, they’ll experience the look, feel and smell of it as part of their complete interaction with it. If every aspect of your products is working together, customers will easily remember your inventory.

By controlling the aromas in your store, you can foster an environment that assists people in their shopping quests. The more at ease everyone is while browsing, the more inclined they’ll be to purchase the products that resonate most with them.