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Acrylic cubes create an eye-catching shoe display

Acrylic cubes create an eye-catching shoe display

Shoes are a quintessential item of every person’s wardrobe, but when it comes to navigating the many styles and designs at the shoe store, shoppers can feel overwhelmed by options. Here are three specific store displays for front windows or wall spaces that you can create in your own retail area using acrylic cubes. Each design aims to help customers find exactly what they’re looking for without allowing them to get bogged down by the many choices you offer.

Stepping up
Create a stairway front display, focusing on the styles that you most want to highlight for a given season or sale. Begin by placing a single acrylic cube in one corner of the window or space, building left-to-right by adding an additional cube for each step. Set shoes on top of the cubes, or inside of them to feature more items. Open-front units can also be a creative way to utilize wall space inside of your shop. You can also add additional touches of color and illumination to make the boxes stand out. Line or back the cubes with decorative paper, and add small lights or glitter for extra shimmer.

Thinking vertically
Take inspiration from ancient Greece by creating a display that features columns of acrylic cubes. This design can work particularly well along walls, where the cubes maximize functionality while staying stylish. Because shoes at floor level will probably go unnoticed, start with a display table that imitates architecture, like a small cream table with geometrically carved legs. Stack two or three medium-to-large cubes on top of the tabletop, featuring a different pair of shoes in each unit. To make the look cohesive, paint or line the sides of each box in a cream shade to match the table. For an elegant touch, drape a piece of dark red satin or velvet cloth over the table to create a complementary contrast.

Designing sideways
Empty wall space can be creatively constructed to include acrylic cubes for a fresh, functional appeal. Line a wall with acrylic cubes stacked between four and six units high for a modern, boxed-off appeal, then decorate boxes to match with your store’s theme. This might include painting or lining cubes with a specific color or two separate tones. In most of the boxes, place pairs of shoes. In a select few, however, add a fun decorative item such as a small potted plant or unique little sculpture for a modern art appeal.