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Accessorize those boot displays!

Accessorize those boot displays!

You have the boot trees and shapers to support this season's tall leather boots, and you have the weights and other display fixtures to make them look their best in your store. However, just like an outfit, no store display is complete without accessories. Here are some tips to jazz up all of your boot displays this fall.


It may seem strange to accent a shoe display with flowers, but it can be a perfect way to accessorize a display of Western-style boots. Find some vintage Western boots and use them as vases for the flowers. Place a narrow glass or plastic vase filled with water inside the boot, making sure it is short enough so it doesn't show from the top. Then, arrange a bouquet of wildflowers inside. Set these arrangements at either side of your boot display to wow your shoppers.


Of course, you can't exactly add rain to your store displays, but you can create the appearance of it with certain techniques. This is perfect for displaying rain boots, which may be a top seller in the fall thanks to hurricane season. In your store window, hang blue or gray streamers or ribbons from the ceiling at different lengths to create the appearance of showers. Stop the "downpour" just above the boots. This will also work to draw the eyes of passersby right where you want them – to the boots.

You can also use rain as a theme for your rain boot display tables. Accessorize with a jar of colorful ponchos wrapped into small balls, or hang colorful umbrellas from the ceiling above the table. This will have a similar effect to the rain in the window, drawing the shopper's eye to the merchandise.


Of course, seasonal displays for boots are always appropriate. Use fall leaves or a school theme to give shoppers ideas of how these boots will look out on the street. Arrange colorful fall leaves underneath the sole of the boot to create the appearance of the boots walking down the street in the autumn. It is a good idea to pick some sort of color theme for this type of display – rustic, brown boots are usually a good choice that looks nice with the natural shades of fall.