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A vacation theme can pay off in wintertime

A vacation theme can pay off in wintertime

Apparel merchants may be focused on pushing sales for sweaters, hats, gloves and coats this time of year, but there may be an untapped market that could make for a few extra sales during winter – vacationers. Many people schedule getaways to warm-weather locations during the months of January, February and March, so displaying some of your warm-weather clothing in your windows and on your display tables is a wise move. Here are some ideas.

Going all out
If you are a retailer in a colder location, and you know many of your customers will be planning a vacation soon, then you may want to go all out with this vacation motif. Create a beach setting in your store window using fake sand and a blue backdrop or wall display. Next, you'll want to put up a few adult and child mannequins and dress them in your best beach and summer wear.

Creating contrast
If you don't want to evoke this theme throughout your entire store, then you can also excite customers by creating contrast. This means putting some of your summer items adjacent to your winter wear. For instance, you can help customers get excited for a vacation by putting a mannequin dressed in shorts and a T-shirt next to one that's donning a wool sweater and a scarf. To avoid confusing shoppers, use fun store signs that read phrases like "Are you ready for your summer escape?"

Spreading the word
Of course, all of your efforts will be for naught if you don't get the word out that you have the items shoppers need for their upcoming getaway. By promoting sales on social media sites and using your window display and display cases to your advantage, you may find that your store becomes the first stop for customers getting ready to take a trip this season.