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A taste for the season

A taste for the season

Now that Labor Day has passed and summer has unofficially come to a close, many people are turning their attention to the fall. With football games, holidays and a few other special milestones slated for the coming months, individuals are getting ready to spend quality time with friends and family. In many of these cases, they will be expected to bring along a host gift – a token of appreciation that usually comes in the form of a bottle of wine.

When to bring wine
The autumn season is a popular time for friendly get-togethers, most of which will probably involve food and drink. Whether it’s a football watching party or a Thanksgiving feast, guests will likely arrive ready to chow down on delicious food prepared by the host – and to show their appreciation, they may want to bring along a fresh bottle of wine as a contribution to the event.

How to choose wine
A lot of elements go into deciding what type of wine to bring to a party. For one, a guest must set a budget of how much they are willing to spend on a bottle for the host – a figure that will fluctuate based on the relationship between the two individuals. They may also want to consider what type of food is being served at the gathering. A dessert-heavy party will call for a rich red wine, while a dinner built around fish or a comfort food may need a lighter white wine.

Dress it up
No matter what type of wine someone brings to a party, they should take some steps to dress it up. Wine bags are an easy and convenient way to do just that. These tools can be used to transport wine without worrying about bottles slipping out of a grip or breaking through plastic bags. It also provides a slight cushion for the fragile bottle while showing that an individual put time and effort into the gift.

Stocking up on wine bags for your store allows you to capitalize on the friendly gatherings that occur throughout the fall and winter. Although certain colors may be better suited to the autumn months, they can be sold throughout the year, and they act as a fun and useful product to display near the register. Another option is including the bags in table displays showing off items like serving dishes or table settings, which will be in demand as the holiday season inches closer.