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A new year, a new look for your retail store

A new year, a new look for your retail store

As 2018 begins in earnest, retailers across the country are looking for ways to refresh their stores and attract new customers. Whether you want to avoid a post-Christmas sales slump or start pushing ahead into a new marketing campaign, you'll need to make some visual changes to your shop.

These retail design tips will help you start the new year off on the right foot.

Use bold textures

Slatwalls make displaying merchandise easy.Slatwalls make displaying merchandise easy.

For added depth and visual interest, textured walls are a must-have addition to your retail space. Flat, glossy walls have their place in certain settings, but a textured surface can add a layer of sophistication and authenticity. For example, our 3D textured slatwall displays offer versatile functionality along with an appealing design. Slatwalls make it easy to display merchandise at eye level, drawing your shoppers' attention.

Our new series of 3D textures offer depth and style to any retail environment. For example, weathered wood can add a rustic, earthy feel to your shop. The driftwood texture, on the other hand, is perfect for sporty or outdoor themes. For something a little more modern and streamlined, subway tiles or sawtooth oak are minimalist looks that remain visually interesting to shoppers. These display pieces offer form and functionality all in one package.

Create eye-catching window displays

The beginning of the year is a great time to attract new customers with your window displays. After the holidays, it's time to swap out Christmas Trees and lights for something a little less festive. January and February are still cold months in many parts of the country, so you may opt for a more general winter theme. In that case, our hanging paper snowflakes can add height to your window displays. Some brands even start crafting their spring-themed displays in December!

If you want to show off the latest fashion trends, consider investing in some new mannequins. Abstract designs in single colors look modern and show off clothing pieces without distracting from the merchandise. With posable mannequins, you can create interesting scenes that will draw passersby off the street and into the warmth of your shop.

Rotate your merchandise

To develop some additional interest for your returning customers, consider shifting your merchandise. Sometimes, items in the back of the store may not receive as much attention as pieces near the front. Moving your shelves, rearranging your rolling racks or swapping your point-of-sale stands will allow returning customers to see products they might have missed the last time they visited.

Retail expert Bob Phibbs recommended rotating your displays every two weeks, starting from the front of the store, and then working toward the back. When you have new items to sell, these should be most prominent, so returning shoppers can immediately see what's new.

Need more inspiration? Our retail design experts can help you plan for new merchandise, develop stunning displays and optimize your store layout. Call us today for personalized assistance.