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A guide to business suit displays

A guide to business suit displays

Purchasing a suit can be a big step toward adulthood for men. However, it’s also often an expensive investment. Because customers who are shopping for suits in your store will potentially spend a decent amount of money, your suit displays should be top-notch.

Showcase your suits in the window
For retail stores that want to boost suit sales, it’s a good idea to tailor the window displays to that goal. While you can simply dress a mannequin in your finest suit to show off your products, an interesting display will stand a better chance at drawing more customers in. Try to be creative when you arrange the window displays, using Pinterest or design blogs for inspiration.

One idea for a suit display, as seen on Pinterest, is a backdrop created from deconstructed suit pieces. By laying out the process of assembling a complete suit, the store can communicate an air of confidence in the quality of the product. If the components of a suit are viewed as sections of fabric rather than a ready-to-wear suit, potential customers may imagine carefully made clothes that have been tended to by hand before even stepping foot in your store.

Another display concept seen on Pinterest turns your suit display into a scene that sparks customers’ imaginations. Because suits are often mended to fit the wearer better, it’s effective and appealing to include sewing tape measures in the design. Using small figures to represent tiny tailors, toss the tape measure over the mannequin’s shoulder and arrange the figure appropriately.

Organize the sales floor
Depending on the size of your suit section, there a few different store fixtures that will work to display the products. You can assume that people shopping for suits have a degree of sophistication, professionalism and investment in their appearance. Knowing this, the display should be tidy and logically arranged.

With a double bar rack, you can separate the pants and jackets of suits so shoppers can peruse sizes independently. Use sugarcane pant hangers on the lower level for the slacks and regular sugarcane hangers for jackets. If you want to display suits that are already matched, as opposed to mix-and-match style, put a few examples on sugarcane suit hangers and arrange them on the ends of the rack.

Arrange your ties beautifully 
If you aren’t particular about how your tie selection is organized, you can use a rolling rack to display the merchandise for an easy arrangement. Set the ties up based on the dominant color, patterns separated from solids or by the actual pattern. For example, you can put all of the purple ties together, whether they’re striped, paisley, plaid or plain. Dividing the ties between patterns or solids is pretty self-explanatory, but you may also want to group like patterns with each other, creating a section for horizontal stripes, circular patterns and so on.

Instead of a clothing rack, you can hang neckties around gridwall panel fixtures. Put the tie around one of the squares and tie it with a neat knot. Alternate the squares you choose to use so the display doesn’t look too crowded. Make the display seasonal by selecting ties in the shades that people most often associate with upcoming holidays and events. For the fall, consider merchandise in warm colors that are reminiscent of foliage, like orange, yellow and brown.

Bow ties are a bit less versatile to display because they can’t be hung on store fixtures as easily. To arrange your bow tie selection, consider placing a display table next to the suit racks. You can then lay the ties out in the same organization system you chose for the neckties.