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A great DIY backdrop for your next display project

A great DIY backdrop for your next display project

Add a fun twist to your display project with this DIY paper rosette backdrop.





Step 1. Take your coordinating paper, and fold it accordion style. Make sure you do it length-wise (don’t worry if it’s not perfect).




Step 2. Fold the paper in half. Put some hot glue along the inside fold, and press the two sides together. You can also us double-sided tape instead of glue.




Your paper will look like a fan when you open it back up. Do the same thing with your other 3 papers.





Step 3. Glue all four fans together to create one large rosette.





You can make all different patterns and sizes. This is where you can really get creative with any embellishments you want to make. I like to glue a smaller rosette on top of the large one.



Here is my finished wall!

We would love to see your design…post your rosette display on RHH facebook wall.