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A gift wrapping guide for seasonal employees

A gift wrapping guide for seasonal employees

Gift giving season is upon us, and many stores have begun offering gift wrapping services to customers. If you want to feature this amenity in your own store during the holidays, your staff should be able to complete the job with finesse. Before the incoming rush takes up your time and energy, review gift wrapping best practices with employees.

How to prepare
There should be a well-organized area for gift wrapping, which you can set up near the cash register on one of your display tables. Make sure enough space is available for employees to do an excellent job with wrapping, plus a seat if you plan to assign a single person to occupy the station.

You need a handful of supplies to have a successful gift wrapping station, including gift boxes, wrapping paper, ribbon and bows. A selection of tissue paper and gift bags are also essential. Don’t forget about the necessary tools such as pens, tape, scissors and gift tags. The Container Store recommended buying double-sided tape for a neater appearance.

Good Housekeeping suggested using a paper towel holder to keep spools of ribbon stacked and to prevent them from unraveling. Small boxes can keep your wrapping station organized, plus the employees should be responsible for tidying up before closing each night.

How to wrap gifts flawlessly
When it comes to wrapping merchandise in gift boxes, employees should be sure there’s enough space for the item and a piece or two of tissue paper, without causing the box to bulge. Business Insider explained that it’s important to wrap gifts on a flat, hard surface to pull the paper tight.

According to the Container Store, wrapping paper should be measured by wrapping it around the box, with two extra inches so it can overlap. There should be enough paper to cover the shorter sides of the box. You can fold the edges in to make straight neat lines where the paper was cut. The source suggested placing the present face down and taping the seam of the paper along an edge, rather than in the middle of the box. Fold the edges of the shorter sides in, then fold the top and bottom flaps so the extra paper is taped to the bottom of the box. To dress up the package, employees should add ribbon and bows. An easy way to do this is by measuring the correct length of ribbon around the box. Cut two pieces, one for each direction, and tape them so they form a cross on the top of the box. Finish the gift off with a bow from a holiday gift wrap kit, including a neatly written label.