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A few ideas for your fall window displays

A few ideas for your fall window displays

If you still have a beach scene in your front window, it’s time to bring in the adult and child mannequins, take off their bikinis and bathing suits and start something new. Shoppers are now on the prowl for fall items, which means you need to rethink your window display to cater to their cool-weather desires. Here are a few fun and creative ideas for a fall display in the front of your store:

An autumn harvest
One of the most exciting things about fall is the food. This is the time of year when many beloved favorites, like squash and apples, come into season. You can capitalize on this by creating a harvest scene in your store. Start with a few basic display tables – wood looks particularly nice for that country-style feeling. Next, purchase a few cornucopias to place on each of the tables. You can fill them with traditional fall foods, but consider organizing the fruits and vegetables by color. For example, you can have one cornucopia full of pumpkins and squash and another overflowing with apples. Keep the color combinations going by stocking similarly hued items from your store on the corresponding tables.

A day at the fair
If your town has a local fair, then you may want to find a way to incorporate the theme into your storefront. You can use colored tissue paper to create cotton candy, hang up bare bulbs to simulate carnival lights, and of course feature some of your best outdoor clothing front and center. Create a family scene with adult and child mannequins in sweaters, jeans and jackets. If you don’t sell apparel, you can stack your store items on display tables of various heights and assign them blue ribbons – after all, everything you sell is a winner.

Thanksgiving is coming
Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here, and it’s likely that many of your customers are already looking forward to such an event. Create a scene depicting a traditional Thanksgiving dinner by placing a display table stocked with cutlery, plates, cups and maybe some fake food as well. Next, arrange store mannequins around the table as if they’re preparing to sit down to the feast. Use streamers and wholesale ribbon in oranges, browns and reds to add to the decor of the scene.

Fall in the front yard
Fall is special, because it provides respite from the hot weather of summer but isn’t as cold as those blustery winter days. For this reason, many people enjoy spending time outside looking at the leaves, taking long walks and completing yard work. If you sell outdoor goods, you should definitely take advantage of this trend by creating a “front yard” scene in your store window. You can gather fallen leaves from your community or order some faux leaves, but make sure you have enough to create a few large piles in the store window. Add rakes, gardening tools and trash bags stuffed with leaves or paper to complete the scene.

A simple, colorful display
Some stores may benefit from a more abstract display. You don’t have to have mannequins looking as though they’re hard at work in  your front window to attract shoppers. You can take the road less traveled by artfully displaying fall-colored items on clothing racks, hangers and wall displays. This is a particularly good approach if you notice that other stores in your area are taking a more traditional route with their front windows, as the abstract scene will draw attention from passersby.