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7 must-haves for outdoor events and sidewalk sale season

7 must-haves for outdoor events and sidewalk sale season


Where do you find customers in spring and summer? Outdoors, of course! And that’s where you need to focus your attention, too – with outdoor events and sidewalk sales.

Outdoor attention-getters

Here are some helpful suggestions for displays and outdoor promotions to keep profits sizzling when the warm weather arrives.

Outdoor attention-getters

Eye-catching banners – Many retail store banners can be used indoors or out. Clearance and sale banners, “open” and “sale” flags, and standard and hurricane pennants all draw attention to your wares through the simple principle of movement. When these are blowing in the breeze, they’re hard to ignore – so passersby naturally gravitate to where the action is.

Spotlight the merchandiseSale cards and sale signs immediately communicate what the event is, which merchandise is on sale, where the clearance items are and what kinds of discounts are available. You can choose from generic promotions or themed signs for occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Back to School and more.

Put it on the boards – Whatever business you’re in – apparel and accessories, home goods, jewelry or food and dining – you can let shoppers know what’s special with hand-made messages using chalkboards and markers. Boards come in all sizes and shapes, from mini-stickers and tabletop signs to sidewalk A-frames, with a wide range of color markers to choose from. The big advantage of chalkboards is being able to update messages on a moment’s notice, like when you receive new sale inventory at the last minute, or you’ve suddenly run out of a popular menu item because of unexpected demand.

Showing off the goods

Racks, shelves, trays and displays – How do you get your merchandise outside? Simple – there are a wide variety of display materials, including rolling racks and metal and wood carts for larger items, or caddys, trays, bins and baskets for smaller ones. Firefly’s Main St. Collection has nearly every type of display you need, along with mirrors, hook racks, easels and blackboards.

Mannequin magic – A fashion item that’s just folded up and stacked on a shelf can really come to life when it’s displayed “in use” on a human form, for all to see. Plastic mannequins can help you do that, and they’re available in both male and female versions, with different wig hairstyles to complete the picture. Compared to other mannequin varieties used year-round in-store, the plastic versions are not only a smart, practical choice for outdoor events, they’re also more affordable.

Don’t get uptight, get wiredWire racks and bins are another great method of displaying merchandise, especially small impulse items and discounted products. They’re lightweight, easy to transport and come in different configurations like baskets, bins, vertical displays, literature racks and spinners.

Here come the people – Ready, set, sell! You don’t have to be a major amusement park or movie theater to need some means of guiding customers inside or around your sidewalk event. Stanchions and crowd control devices are convenient and easy to set up or move. It’s an excellent way to help you organize and cope with lines of shoppers waiting to check out. They’re also helpful when you take your show on the road to fairs and festivals.