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6 timeless Mother’s Day gifts to highlight in May

6 timeless Mother’s Day gifts to highlight in May

In addition to beautiful, blooming May flowers, this month brings a wonderful holiday – Mother’s Day. While many people think about and speak to their mothers often, this special day has been set aside to honor the women who raised them with celebrations and gifts.

With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, sons and daughters are sure to be out shopping for the perfect present. Some will take Mom out for a nice meal, others will make a sentimental craft and still more will peruse your store’s offerings for a gift. Although certain women want interesting gadgets and devices for Mother’s Day, there are classic gifts that will always be appropriate for the holiday. When you’re fine-tuning store displays this week, consider showcasing these six items.

1. Books
Before there was an endless supply of television shows and movies on demand, books were the main source of entertainment. Even if the smell of a fresh book is lost on younger generations, many mothers love to read while they relax. Highlight the merchandise you have that’s geared toward mothers with a few literature holders.

Include neatly wrapped boxes in Mother’s Day displays.

2. Jewelry
Expect customers to be perusing your jewelry section because charms for trendy bracelets, simple earrings and bangles all make fabulous Mother’s Day presents. Watches are also a great gift idea or the holiday. Set up a jewelry display this week so people can easily find the right item for their mom.

3. Scarves
Buying clothes for other people can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what size they wear or how that store’s clothes fit them. Accessories are often a safer choice because they’re typically one-size-fits-all. Arrange a selection of light spring scarves on your mannequins and forms in anticipation of Mother’s Day shoppers. Infinity scarves that can be worn with maxi dresses or a casual beach outfit this summer are perfect for the occasion.

4. Gift cards
When you shop for someone several times a year since childhood, you generally learn his or her preferences. There are people that would rather pick out their own present from their favorite store, rather than leaving a decision of taste up to their family. Don’t forget to put a variety of gift cards on display in May with a selection of attractive gift card boxes.

“Use your knowledge of visual merchandising.”

5. Wine glasses
Everyone needs to sit back and relax with friends from time to time. Encourage your customers to enhance their mothers’ entertaining experience with a set of classy glasses. Wine glasses, martini glasses, beer glasses and rocks glasses would all be appropriate, depending on what their moms prefer to serve.

6. Great smells  
From candles and scented oil diffusers to body lotion and bubble bath, there are several products to display for Mother’s Day with beautiful scents. Use your knowledge of visual merchandising to attract shoppers to an array of items that looks as good as they smell. For example, you can arrange products in alternating color blocks and create dimension by placing items at different heights.