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6 Summer Accessory Trends That Will Make Your Shoppers Smile

6 Summer Accessory Trends That Will Make Your Shoppers Smile


Put your finger on the pulse of 2017 summer fashion with these hot accessory tips:

1. Gold everything

Gold earrings, necklaces and bracelets are must-have accessories this summer. But here’s a tip: They don’t actually have to be gold. While luxury brands will certainly push genuine gold products this season, many shoppers are happy to get the glitz and glitter of gold without paying a premium for the precious metal.

Gold and gold-plated jewelry look amazing in our collection of burlap jewelry displays. Our earring trees are affordable and environmentally friendly!

2. Small handbags

When the weather is hot, the last things women need are big leather bags sticking to their skin. According to Fashionisers Magazine, small handbags are trending with busy shoppers who want freedom of movement. A small handbag may only have room for a wallet and a tube of lipstick, but for a night on the town, it’s the perfect accessory.

You could fit a dozen or more small handbags on one of our stylish boutique gray display tables.

3. Monochromatic cat eye sunglasses

Have you noticed that the 80s and 90s are back in a big way? Sure, today’s accessories have a modern twist, but nostalgic looks are headed to store shelves. Sunglasses are just one example. People Magazine reported that monochromatic cat eye sunglasses are a major trend this summer.

The look is a little modern, a little retro and all cool. These shades look amazing when displayed on our acrylic stair step display.

4. Big buckles

Belts aren’t always a staple of women’s fashion, but this season may change that. Leather belts with big silver or gold buckles are hot items this summer. They go great with street-style high-waisted jeans – remember the 80s? – as well as vintage harem pants.

Belts benefit from display in an easy-to-reach location. Consider a pegboard display with hooks for accessibility.

5. Multi-stone rings

Why settle for one type of stone when you could have two? The engagement ring experts at Brilliant Earth noted that multi-stone rings have been incredibly popular this year. For example, a bouquet of flawless white diamonds surrounded by a symmetrical arrangement of chocolate diamonds.

Our burlap lace ring set can draw attention to these fabulous, intricately designed pieces.

6. Striped straw hats

Hats are excellent protection against the sun’s harmful rays, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. In fact, the fashion blog Pouted reported that striped straw sunhats are a must-have accessory for a day in the city. And when we say big, we’re talking about brims – six inches or bigger.

Displaying floppy sunhats can be a challenge, unless you have one of our long-necked abstract head forms.

Need more advice on how to display this season’s hottest accessories? Contact our team of retail design experts today to learn how you can optimize your retail space!