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6 Simple Details That Can Brighten up Your Store

6 Simple Details That Can Brighten up Your Store


Perhaps it’s the middle of winter and the sun has set before your customers are out of work. Or, maybe it’s been quite some time since you’ve reorganized or redecorated the store and it seems a little bleaker. No matter the reason, there’s always an opportunity to implement small changes in your store that can actually make a huge difference in the way your customers feel when they’re shopping.

Interested in brightening up your boutique? Consider these six tips for changing things up:

1. Keep lighting fixtures and placement in mind

Maybe it’s the lighting in your store that’s making it seem dark and dreary. Updated fixtures can solve this problem and even give the boutique a whole new look. Choose lighting that illuminates the store, and also invest in fixtures that you can point directly at merchandise. This can bring more awareness to certain objects and encourage shoppers to take a closer look.

2. Take advantage of natural lighting

While artificial lighting will certainly come in handy at night time, natural lighting can make a huge difference during your daytime hours. Make sure your front display windows let the light in as much as possible by avoiding window treatments. The same can be considered for other windows around the store; if curtains are a must, go for something Sheer and avoid light-blocking options.


3. Make use of organizational systems

According to a Rubbermaid survey, a disorganized home can cause those living there to feel more stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. The same sentiment can apply to a cluttered boutique. When the shopper has to rummage through piles of unsorted clothes and other jumbled messes of merchandise, they may feel more anxious about continuing the search and ultimately making a purchase. Take advantage of organizational storage systems, display cases, clothing racks and more to eliminate the clutter and keep things more in line with a well-kept, formulated store.

4. Decorate with illuminating colors

Take a look around your boutique and think about your current color scheme. Are the walls luminous and radiant, or are they dark and mysterious? Just because you want to follow a brightening theme doesn’t necessarily mean you have to paint and decorate with crazy colors. Neutral shades of white, gray and tan can transform a boutique with ease. You can even accent with bold colors to take it to the next level.

5. Don’t forget the checkout counter

Just because your shoppers have made the decision to purchase merchandise, that doesn’t mean you should stop caring how they feel about the store once they get to the cash register. This spot provides the perfect opportunity to remind consumers why they decided to shop here in the first place, so perpetuate the brightening atmosphere here by paying close attention to details and design. A gorgeous white countertop can make your checkout area seem more spacious and bright, for example. Another small detail that can make a huge difference is your choice of packaging – white shopping bags and gift boxes can help brighten things up with ease.

6. Make your window display fresh and inviting

Your window display gives the first impression to shoppers, so choose a theme that’s fresh, trendy and inviting. Put your most popular and stylish clothing and accessories on display to get people interested in coming into your store and browsing the shop for other items.

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