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5 ways to use live video to promote your store

5 ways to use live video to promote your store


If your store is on social media, you’ve taken an important first step in bringing your marketing strategy into the 21st century. However, simply creating these accounts isn’t enough to engage with your target audience. You need to populate the pages with engaging content that will help grow your followers and ultimately bring more customers into your store.

An important tool that is becoming increasingly popular in marketing is live video. As opposed to a TV commercial or other clip that’s filmed, edited and then presented, a live version is a way to instantly connect with your audience in a more authentic capacity which can enhance your existing video marketing strategy.

The following are five ways that you can use live video to promote your business:

1. Show off your most recent inventory

Years ago, the best way to show customers your new inventory was through a print add or catalog. But today, your client base likely consumes a lot – if not most – of their content online. Though you can certainly post pictures on your social media account, why not give your customers a three-dimensional look by walking through the displays on a live video?

2. Offer tips and tricks

On a live video, you can take customers on a virtual store tour and highlight sale items.

If you sell clothing, your customers probably don’t just want to know what products are in your store right now – they want to know what’s hot this season and how to style them. Use a Facebook live video to discuss what’s in – and what’s not.

Or consider going a practical route and giving closet organization or laundry tips. You can even create a poll on your Facebook or Twitter accounts to ask your followers which topic they’re most interested in learning more about.

3. Promote your social media pages

To ensure that you receive as much value as possible from your social media pages, you need one thing – more followers. You can attract and retain more customers by creating fun, interactive uses of live videos. For instance, hold a contest where customers are entered in a raffle by following you on one of your social media channels. When the contest ends, choose the winner on a live video and take advantage of the opportunity to share information about current sales.

4. Provide a sneak preview

Facebook live videos and similar social media services are also the perfect opportunities to give customers a quick preview of upcoming styles and inventory before the items hit your display cases and clothing racks. Whether it’s warm, knit hats for winter or the latest swimsuit styles, your followers will likely be excited to see what trends are just around the corner.

5. Host a Q&A for your customers

If your customers have questions, you want to have answers. Host your own virtual office hours and ask followers to post questions on the video. You can read and answer them as they’re posted.