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5 ways to rock sales at your store

5 ways to rock sales at your store

There are plenty of ways to improve sales at your shop, but the way you set up your store displays can play a huge role. The type of display fixtures you use, where you put them and how you use them all play a crucial role in how well your merchandise is perceived (then purchased!) by customers. Here are five ways to rock your sales – in a good way!

1. Be suggestive. Being suggestive does not mean being racy in any way – rather, it's incorporating the suggestion that two or more items should be purchased together. You might display a set of knives alongside some cutting boards, or patterned tights with your strappy fall shoes. The customer will make the connection between the items and might be persuaded to buy both.

2. Take advantage of your feature areas. Every store has a "feature" area, but not all stores use them to their full potential. What are you highlighting this month? Whether it's power tools or back-to-school jeans, you make sure you keep the feature area neat and well-lit so customers know it's a feature.

3. Switch it up. Generally, it's best to switch your major store display themes six times per year. This keeps it interesting without confusing regular shoppers with too many changes. However, when something is not selling the way it is displayed, feel free to experiment with different display ideas! Use dump displays, new shelves, folding styles and stacking techniques to add variation. Or try one item in a new location, like near the register.

4. Use fixtures to convey a message. When items are tossed together in a bin, customers assume they are inexpensive, and when they are on a pedestal or another well-protected shelf, they are perceived as valuable. Keep this in mind, whether you are trying to get rid of a bunch of merchandise with a blow-out sale or are trying to assign value to an item.

5. Always educate. Never forget signage. Although you would ideally like your employees to be available to answer questions and provide information about sales and products, the reality is that many shoppers prefer not to engage with store employees, and often times employees are busy with other customers. Always include educational signage when you have a unique item or special deal going on in the store.