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5 ways to highlight packaging in window displays

5 ways to highlight packaging in window displays

It’s the season of giving, which means presents and packaging are on everyone’s mind. Whether shoppers are hunting for others or fulfilling their own wish lists, it’s up to retailers’ benefit to showcase top gifts and wrapping options in their front store displays during the holidays. Here are a few ways to dress up window fronts to catch customers’ attention:

Show off gift wrap in front windows
The biggest spending season of the year is not the time to scrimp on the details and decorations of a store. Create a winter display with store fixtures that mirror the excitement of the holidays, utilizing all of the accents that will make your shop stand out before customers even set foot in the door. Use wrapping materials to create a seasonal wallpaper-like effect, selecting a shade or design that fits your store’s theme. For instance, white holly metallized wrapping paper could serve as the backdrop of the display in a window of a stylish boutique – both delicate and appropriate for the holidays. For a bolder look, try the bright hues of the red Swiss wrap, which could also be complemented with a dark-toned paper like the navy ultra gloss. For additional accentuation, add accessories like wholesale ribbon or bows, which can be incorporated into the backdrop or used to dress up mannequins and jersey forms for a seasonal “present”-ation.

Accentuate the options
Although wrapping paper is a go-to during holiday gifting, it’s only one of many options. Be sure to use a diverse array of packaging goods in your displays. For example, consider showing off new items  that are expected to be top sellers this season in front windows in a design that evokes the spirit of the season. Have smaller items peeking out of seasonal gift bags and boxes and decorate larger merchandise with ribbons and bows. Add sparkling accents to mannequins, such as a rhinestone swirl or a fun red lip decal, and pose the models as though they’re carrying parcels or packages to show off wrapping options.

Convenience your customers
Remember that the end goal of advertising your wrapping supplies in your storefront display is to help customers find them once they’re inside. Assist shoppers in locating your gift accessories or wrapping station by using posters and signs to make the area stand out. Set up the supplies near the check out area, so customers with newly found or recently purchased gifts will have all of their packaging needs on hand.