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5 uses for dump tables

5 uses for dump tables

Throughout the course of the year, your store is sure to have collected a wide variety of tiny items that slipped shoppers’ minds when they were exhibited. All of the small leftover products that are sitting around and gathering dust don’t have to wait until their appropriate season to enter the spotlight once more.

You can set up store displays to showcase these seemingly random assortments of items to deliver an exciting and random experience to customers during a time when you’re looking for something to help liven up your store in the lull between holidays. Dump tables are excellent store fixtures for presenting a large number of objects in a small space without taking away too much from any encompassing themes.

If you want to make some room for the summer trends, get as much of your stock out onto the floor for shoppers to see. Here are five useful ways to use dump tables in your shop this summer:

  1. Showcase your variety with a sale – If you’re struggling to find a way to make the random items lying around your building relevant to each other, put them all under the umbrella of a sale. Use promotional posters either attached to your dump tables or near them to draw customers in and then let them explore the variety of your inventory. The discount will encourage people to look at items they otherwise may not have, and you’ll still manage to make some profit off of anything sold instead of just letting the items occupy space.
  2. Flip flops everywhere – Flip flops are very popular during the warm-weather seasons and come in all shapes and colors. It can be difficult to display your entire selection on traditional store racks, not just because of the limited space, but also their flimsy nature. Sandals can easily slide around, especially when people are looking through them, disorganizing your entire section. A dump table is a stable and elevated surface you can use to show off a large number of your flip flops when people are looking for them most. You can easily move the dump table to the front of your store on a nice beach day or even near any summer displays you’ve set up to put popular accessories next to the clothing they complement.
  3. A mobile seasonal display – If you’re all set with fixtures for your products, you can use dump tables solely for aesthetic purposes too. During summer add a layer of sand on top of the table and decorate it with beach accessories, recreating a scene straight from the coast. Throw some sandals and sunglasses in along with a tote bag to make it look like someone stole a small section of the beach and put it in your store.
  4. The base for contests – If you’re thinking of holding any summer contests, but don’t want to dedicate one of your display tables or counters to it, use a dump table as the platform where you can hold the competition and accept submissions. You can keep an employee near it with the contest box and ballot forms all in one convenient location. If you have to move around to reach different participants, the whole station can come along with you.
  5. Gift-wrapping stations around the store – For any holidays your store participates in, dump tables can serve as designated areas for gift wrapping, equipped with all the necessary supplies needed to wrap presents. You can either keep the table near employees who are assigned to do the wrapping or you can let it serve as a do-it-yourself station for shoppers to wrap their own gifts right after buying them.