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5 types of Valentine’s Day gifts to consider

5 types of Valentine’s Day gifts to consider

Just a few weeks remain until the official holiday of love – Valentine’s Day. That means time is closing in on people who have yet to buy the perfect gifts for their sweethearts. Make sure you order plenty of Valentine Gift Wrap and stock display fixtures with merchandise that makes for good presents.

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, take a few minutes to think about the best gift options and decide how to tailor your store displays to the occasion.

“Time is closing in on people who have yet to buy the perfect gifts for their sweethearts.”

1. Tasty
One of the most traditional Valentine’s Day gifts is a lovely box of chocolates, perhaps with a wide variety of flavors and a guide to help the recipient find his or her favorites. If you sell products that are edible and festive, consider promoting them in the upcoming weeks as people shop for Valentine’s Day gifts. While chocolate is a common choice, other treats make equally great gifts, so don’t count anything out. Use your wrapping supplies to dress the merchandise up in color-coordinated packaging that’s reminiscent of the holiday’s themes. Heart-shaped items are especially appropriate this time of year, as well as products relating to flowers and friendship.

2. Shiny
Diamonds are a girl’s – and guy’s – best friend. Many people will receive jewelry this Valentine’s Day, whether it’s casual everyday pieces or exquisite accessories that cost a fortune. Put your jewelry display supplies to good use and showcase all of your business’ glitter and glam. Pink and red items will be especially in demand, as well as jewelry that symbolizes love. Make sure these top sellers have a prominent place in your store that customers can easily access to make the Valentine’s Day shopping process easy.

3. Thoughtful
Instead of opting for a classic Valentine’s Day present such as candy, flowers or jewelry, customers may be looking to buy their lovers a thoughtful gift. It could be an item that someone had been eyeing for a while, or merchandise that reminds a shopper of his or her beloved. Put your most popular items out in a holiday display as suggestions for the perfect gift.

Valentine’s Day packaging makes each gift special and festive.

4. Creative
Handmade gifts are always a joy to receive because they have a very personal touch. From do-it-yourself projects to special coupon books for loved ones, making a creative present brings a whole new dimension to the holiday. DIY projects allow you to customize items so gifts are tailored to the special someone and include your artistic vision.

5. Active
Valentine’s Day gifts that double as exciting dates are popular, and for good reason. Take a look at your merchandise and consider what a couple could enjoy doing together. Puzzles, crafts, games and more make for a romantic evening that’s full of fun and laughter. Depending on how the pair likes to pass the time generally, a variety of items are appropriate for the occasion, ranging from cookbooks to seasons of television shows on DVD.