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5 signs that your store needs a total makeover

5 signs that your store needs a total makeover

Even the most time-honored companies have had to give themselves makeovers to stay relevant in ever-changing consumer markets. BlackBerry and Microsoft, for instance, are both undergoing major rebranding efforts in the hopes of attracting new customers and retaining those they already have. This concept can be applied to smaller retailers as well – sometimes, a makeover is all that’s needed to boost sales and increase traffic on the store floor. Here are some signs that may indicate it’s time to give your shop a total makeover:

Sales are down – and it’s not the economy
Many stores across the U.S. have been facing lower-than-average revenue figures since 2008, when the economy began to decline. However, if you find that your numbers are lower than those of your competitors or nearby retailers, it may be an indication that there’s a larger issue than customer frugality at play. Revamping the look of your store by creating a new window display or redecorating the interior could help bring you back on pace.

Your retail space looks worn out
A “total makeover” may not be necessary if you can spruce up a few of the smaller details of your store. For example, perhaps the general outlook of your shop is pristine and unique, but the hangers, gondola shelves and adult and child mannequins you’re using look a little beat up. Ordering new store fixtures could give your store a fresh look, and looking for wholesale products or mannequins for sale means you won’t have to break the bank to do so.

Your employees are bored
The attitude of the staff at your shop can be a good barometer for how your store is doing. If you notice your employees are less enthusiastic when they arrive for work, then consider holding one-on-one meetings with them to diagnose the problem. They may be able to pinpoint what aspects of your retail space need to be revamped in order to revitalize their gusto.

It’s time for a virtual makeover
Perhaps it’s not your store but your web presence that needs a total makeover. If your website looks like it came straight out of the 1990s, then it’s likely time for an upgrade. Additionally, if you have yet to hop on the social network bandwagon, then you may want to consider hiring outside help to create a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.