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5 popular tech gifts for Mother’s Day 2015

5 popular tech gifts for Mother’s Day 2015

Each May, children honor the women who raised them on Mother’s Day. Although moms deserve recognition all year long, this special day is dedicated to giving thanks, praise and presents.

Mother’s Day is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May. President Woodrow Wilson deemed it an official holiday in 1914. However, Mother’s Day technically began in 1908 with a woman from Virginia named Anna Jarvis who wanted people to honor their mother at least once a year.

“Draw attention to the trendy gadgets you’re highlighting.”

As customers search for the perfect gift for their mothers, consider stocking store displays with this spring’s hottest tech products. Don’t forget to order a Mother’s Day Promotional Poster and a Bulletin Stand soon. The sign is sure to draw attention to the trendy gadgets you’re highlighting.

1. Fitness tracker
With the highly-anticipated release of Apple’s smartwatch this month and FitBit sales soaring, it’s clear that wearable tech is taking off. Two years ago, workouts and diets were revolutionized by smartphone apps that track exercise, calories and more. Now you don’t even need to carry your phone around to know how many steps you’ve taken and the quality of your sleep.

There are plenty of options for fitness trackers out there beyond these two big brands, many of which are more affordable. With various colors and designs, customers can incorporate their mom’s personal taste into the purchase. Arrange smartwatches, fitness bands and other wearable devices in Glass Display Cubes for a fresh and modern look.

2. Headphones with a built-in microphone
Most people have heard their mom chatting on the phone for hours, whether it’s to her sister or best friend from high school. Help customers give their mothers the gift of hands-free talking with headphones that have a microphone. Although a bluetooth device serves the same purpose, a pair of ear buds can be used more often, like when Mom is watching a movie on her tablet or listening to music.

3. E-reader
For people who want to read digitally but aren’t interested in browsing the web, an e-reader is the perfect gift. Nothing can truly replace the feeling of reading a physical book, but e-readers are excellent for people who travel or commute since they’re lightweight yet contain several books. Since they first hit the market, they’ve become more advanced and more affordable. Set up a display dedicated to e-readers in anticipation of Mother’s Day shoppers.

Attractive signage is key for a successful sale.

4. Dual-purpose phone case
Now that everyone uses his or her phone for everything from banking to driving directions, it’s not surprising that people need to charge their devices throughout the day. Even if your mom keeps an extra charging cord in her purse or has a car charger, there are bound to be times when she isn’t able to plug in. Make sure she always has enough battery power with a case that replenishes her phone while protecting it from scratches.

Another nifty case that mothers might enjoy is one that doubles as a wallet. She just has to slide her phone into one side, then IDs and credit cards in the other. Gone are the days of juggling a wallet, a phone and keys in line at the grocery store.

5. Portable speakers
Whether she’s out in the garden, entertaining friends on the patio or working on a do-it-yourself project in the basement, a set of portable speakers is ideal for your mom to use in any location. There are some models that are the size of a boom box and pack a lot of power and bass, but you can also check out fold-up speakers that can fit in a desk drawer. Speakers that have an auxiliary cord will allow her to use them with a laptop, mp3 player, smartphone or tablet.