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5 must-have visual display items for your summer sale

5 must-have visual display items for your summer sale

Check out these five display items that will make your summer promotions a joy to behold:

1. Chalkboard displays

Outdoor signage is a great way to let passersby know about all of the great sales inside your shop. This season, use decorative chalkboards to announce summer deals and promotions, or to share a few words of welcome.

Our chalkboard displays come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you can choose how to best to greet your shoppers. In addition to sidewalk signage, we also offer self-adhesive chalkboard rolls as well as table displays. Plus, we have a selection of vibrant liquid chalk markers to make your messages colorful and eye-catching.

2. Paper decorations

Visual decorations are important tools that can help your shop stand out from the competition. Hanging paper decorations add depth, color and texture to your showroom, making the shopping experience more fun.

We offer paper decorations in a number of themes, including birds, flowers and even colorful desserts! As your promotions change, you can swap out these accessories depending on your current motif. These products are a cost-effective way to engage your customers in an enjoyable shopping experience.

3. Jersey form covers

Jersey forms are an ideal way to display this summer's most popular fashion trends. However, as you develop your retail brand, you may find that plain black and white models are not ideally suited to your visual aesthetic. That's why we offer patterned form covers to add unique appeal to your displays.

Jersey form covers also allow you to change the appearance of your displays based on the current season. For instance, our artisanal floral cover is a great summer choice, while the mulberry cover may be better suited for autumn. You can also mix and match form covers to create visual distinctions between areas of your show floor.

4. Textured walls

If you're ready to take your retail brand to the next level, 3D textured wall finishes are what you need to stand out from the competition. Replace your bland walls with a design that speaks to your target demographic. We have many options to choose from, including brick, painted wood, driftwood and diamond plate.

Not ready to makeover your entire shop? Consider implementing an accent wall. You can decorate one side of your store in a 3D texture decorative wall panel, then paint the other walls in a complementary color. According to The Spruce, accent walls are perfect for interior spaces without a significant architectural feature. So if you're working with four plain walls, accenting one will create visual interest and help shoppers navigate through your retail displays.

5. Poseable mannequins

Mannequins have always been an effective way to show off how an ensemble of clothing items can come together for a complete look. However, static mannequins don't always convey how clothing moves with the wearer. Investing in poseable mannequins not only gives you many options, but can also inspire shoppers who aren't yet sure if an outfit will suit their activity level.

In particular, children's clothing displays can benefit from the ability to show how each piece fits an active wearer. Our flexible child mannequins highlight the wearability of your merchandise.

For more retail display tips, check out the resources in our design blog.