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5 kid’s clothing trends to display this summer

5 kid’s clothing trends to display this summer


With temperatures rising across the country, parents are taking their kids out to find new ways to cool down. These kid’s clothing trends will help the tykes look stylish for all of this season’s events and outings.

1. Bright colors

Summer means school is out and kids are ready to spend their days playing and having fun. Brightly colored clothing adds to the fun, letting kids express themselves. Bold primary colors are always a great option for children’s clothing. This year, look for outfits that use complementary colors, stripes and structured patterns.

To display these outfits, consider using poseable child mannequins. Paired with full-sized mannequins, you can create a fun summer family scene that inspires shoppers.

2. Prep style

The prep style tends to come and go as adult styles react to customer desires. In the children’s clothing space, prep style is making its way back to store shelves, perhaps influenced by nostalgia for the ’80s and ’90s. Pastel pinks, blues and yellows are common among boys’ and girls’ outfits.

Make sure to grab some stylish mannequin wigs to complete the look of your clothing displays. Fun hairstyles can make the outfit seem more accessible and will help children envision themselves in the clothing.

3. Tropical patterns

As many families fly away to summer vacation destinations around the world, young travelers need to up their leisure outfit game. And it turns out that your grandfather’s summer wardrobe may be all the inspiration you need. This summer, short-sleeve button ups in fun tropical patterns are very popular.

To complement the tropical theme, stock up on kid-friendly wrapping paper featuring jungle animals.

4. Rompers

In recent seasons, rompers have gained in popularity among the adult crowd. Now, mini versions of this comfortable, classic look are appearing in the kid’s department. Patterned rompers are fantastic for play dates because they look great, are easy to maintain and are extremely comfortable.

Grab some children’s clothing hangers to ensure you can properly display rompers on your store racks. Our collapsible rolling racks make it easy to adjust your store’s layout almost instantly.

5. Denim

Denim never really goes out of style, but the way it’s used changes frequently. In the summertime, denim pants and shorts can be too heavy. However, denim jackets provide a light layer of protection for summer evenings when the bugs come out. Plus, denim is a resilient fabric that won’t easily wear out in a single season.

Display denim jackets near complementary pieces to show shoppers how they can add to a colorful outfit or layer over a printed shirt.

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