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5 display items to make your kids merchandise stand out

5 display items to make your kids merchandise stand out

As autumn approaches, parents are on the look out for new clothing for their children. These five display items will help you to create a shopping environment that is fun and functional:

1. T-shirt displays

As summer slips away, there are still a few weeks of warm weather remaining. Kids who want to look their best and stay comfortable throughout the school day will aim to sport graphic tees featuring characters from popular culture.

Ensure young shoppers can get a good view of your t-shirts by displaying them in a four-sided, rotating t-shirt display. This piece gives you the ability to display an example t-shirt with its graphic portion facing outward, while the other items remain stacked neatly. This allows shoppers to view the items without unfolding shirts.

2. Aesthetic slatwall systems

To give your store interior more visual interest, consider utilizing 3D textured wall slats. Not only are they easy to install, they are also easy to manipulate, depending on the current needs of your show floor. For example, you could use display brackets to hang clothing and insertable shelves to hold related items.

Our 3D textured slatwall products come in a variety of styles, including diamond plate, brick, weathered wood, camouflage and many more. We also offer several modifiable attachments that allow you to display everything from head wear to sporting gear.

3. Child mannequins

It's hard enough for adults to image what an outfit will look like on them, so it would make sense that young shoppers would have trouble deciding which items they would want to wear to out into the world. By using kid-sized mannequins, you offer children the opportunity to imagine themselves in an outfit.

Our flex-kid mannequins come in four sizes and can be posed easily. Combine children and adult mannequins to create a fun family scene. Be sure to place the scene near relevant items, and place kid-specific items lower to make them more accessible. 

4. Cardboard letters

To add to your themes, consider using our corrugated cardboard letters as decoration. You can paint these sturdy letters in your brand colors, or wrap them in colorful paper for a temporary look that you can swap later.

For example, if you're crafting a scholastic window scene, you could use the letters to spell out the word "Sale" or some other theme-related message. Have fun and let your imagination guide you!

5. Wire display racks

If you're looking for a way to give shoppers more opportunities to see and but point-of-sale add-on items, you have options. For instance, use a wire display rack to showcase smaller merchandise near the checkout counter. For instance, you could fill the display with fun study products such as pencil cases, erasers, notebooks and more. These low-cost items can help you generate additional revenue by increasing the average shopping total.

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