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5 big no-nos for social media marketing

5 big no-nos for social media marketing

Social media is here to stay. If you want your store to stay competitive, you need to use services like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to get shoppers' attention. Still, even some of the most well-intentioned social media campaigns can go awry if they're not carried out properly. Here are a few big "no-nos" for businesses that are new to the game:

Don't ignore your critics
Social media is one of the best ways for stores to get honest feedback from their customers, but it can be painful to read posts from shoppers who were less than satisfied. Still, you must try to keep your chin up and respond to these individuals, as doing so can help you recover what could be a lost sale. It's best to respond publicly to customers who are displeased with the service they received, as this will alert others who may read the post that you're hearing your shoppers' complaints. If possible, reply to their post offering them a discount or some other measure to address their issue. This will likely turn the dissatisfied customer into a happy shopper and show other potential consumers that you care.

Don't over-post
Regularly posting on your social media accounts is smart, but there is such a thing as overdoing it. If you are constantly tweeting pictures of your display tables and clothing racks, you'll probably end up driving away some followers who get annoyed with the amount of posts you put up. Aim for two or three posts a day maximum, and schedule them to go out at times when web traffic is soaring, such as around 11 a.m. on weekdays or later in the day on weekends.

Don't go silent
In a similar vein, posting infrequently can be a disaster. You don't want your customers to forget about you, and if they see you only post once a month, they'll figure you aren't really dedicated to social media (and thus not dedicated to customer outreach, either). Aim for middle of the road – not too much, not too little. It may be wise to promote one of your tech-savvy staff members as the social media expert to ensure you have regular posts.

Don't forget about sales
One of the top reasons customers follow brands on social media is because they are hoping to learn about promotions and sales. Every time you have a sale on certain items, post a picture of the sales items in display cases or on jewelry displays so your customers know exactly what's available.