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5 back-to-school fashion trends and how to display them

5 back-to-school fashion trends and how to display them


In just a few short weeks, school bells across the country will ring in the new academic year and students of every age will be on the hunt for the coolest clothes and latest trends.

Keep reading to learn how you can help your shoppers find an outfit that will make a statement on the first day of school:

1. Bomber jackets

Is that a hint of a chill in the air? As students head back to school, you can expect temperatures to begin creeping downward. For cool early mornings at the bus stop, the Today Show recommended bomber jackets with printed designs for boys. This collarless jacket is lightweight and perfect for cool weather. Plus, it’s easy to remove for sports and play time.

Use a flexible kid mannequin to display a stylish bomber jacket with a pair of dark jeans.

2. Bold animal prints

For middle school and high school girls, Seventeen magazine suggested bold animal print jackets paired with a two-tone solid outfit. The jacket shows off the wearer’s wild side while the basic T-shirt and pants combination grounds the outfit with a modern, if simple, finish.

Bold animal prints should stand out. They are unapologetically loud and therefore make a perfect centerpiece for a back-to-school display. Consider showing a printed jacket on one of our new black blouse forms for eye-catching contrast.

3. Velvet sneakers

It may not be blue suede, but this season’s velvet sneakers definitely rock. Footwear News reported that sneakers in this unique material are a must-have for girls on their way back to school this fall. The style is luxurious yet comfortable, perfect for trips between classes.

Styles range from sparkled velcro to slip-on’s with lace. Use a folding shoe rack to create a confectionery-like display of the range of colors and textures.

4. Millennial pink

You’ve likely seen this color on everything from Instagram filters to book covers and beyond. It’s a shade of salmon pink that lacks the saccharin sweetness of bubblegum pink, but is somehow cooler and more grown up. The Washington Post reported that students can expect to see this year’s most fashionable color on just about any school supplies.

If you’re struggling to place your millennial pink pieces, consider hanging them near warm colors like burgundy or rose red. For a more masculine feel, display the items near light or pastel blues.

5. Ruffled blouses

The Key to Chic, a Los Angeles-based fashion blog, noted that more ruffled blouses have appeared in SoCal’s hippest boutiques. Inspired by traditional Mexican attire, the ruffles complement narrow stripes or floral patterns. While the summertime version tends to have a low neckline, these autumn pieces fit closely against the neck for a more conservative silhouette.

Hang these pieces on a rolling rack near a mannequin display to attract customers as they walk past.

Need more advice on how to display this year’s hottest back-to-school trends? Call our retail design experts today for personalized tips and tricks.