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4 winter fashion trends to highlight this Christmas season

4 winter fashion trends to highlight this Christmas season


It may seem like summer just left us, but autumn is already on its way out. Dec. 21 marks the first day of winter, and that means shoppers will swap out the earth tones of fall for something more suitable for frigid weather.

Here are four fashion trends retailers should highlight in the coming season:

1. Layered dresses

This winter, fashionable shoppers will return to another era. Perhaps it’s because we’re getting closer to the 2020’s, or maybe thrift store trends have become mainstream, but it’s time to dust off your great-grandma’s style and give it a modern twist. Refinery29 reported that 1920s chic is back, showing off simple knee-length dresses that can be layered on top of sweaters and tights.

To highlight this look, consider displaying it on one of our jersey forms with an art deco or floral pattern. A dark sweater beneath the dress will make the other colors really pop.

2. Ankle boots

Ankle-length boots and tights are in this season.

With each passing year, it seems like leggings are becoming the go-to pant for women under 40. This year is no different, but personal stylist Roxane Carne reported that pairing leggings with ankle-length boots is the next big thing. Urban fashionistas may opt for a suede boot that slouches along the ankle, while those in wetter climates may want to choose a sturdier leather material.

Juxtapose different boots with our gray boutique shoe stands. For a larger inventory of styles, consider saving space with a folding shoe rack that can be positioned next to the display table.

3. Moss green jackets

For men this season, fashion is all about the green – jackets, that is. Fashionbeans reported that many brands have developed their own version of warm winter coats in this rugged color. It’s not quite a military green, which lends the hue a softer feeling while remaining masculine. The color goes well with black pants or, for the daring, striped light gray patterns.

Create an eye-catching display by draping the jacket over one of our white gloss mannequins. The bright color of the piece will fit well in any winter scene.

4. Puffer vests

Who says you can only wear a puffy vest when you’re on the slopes? According to GQ magazine, this sporty look is popping up everywhere. There’s not one distinct style, but rather several that appeal to different fashion senses. For example, a more rugged vest may feature a lambswool collar and suede finish. On the other hand, flashier men may prefer a puffer vest in a solid primary color.

Puffer vests don’t fold well, so you’ll need to display them on a rolling rack. And don’t forget the hangers!

As you add more winter merchandise to your store, don’t forget to swap out your display pieces. To see what’s trending now, download our interactive digital catalog today. And for more insight into how to maximize the use you get from your retail displays, download our smartphone app for how-to videos and more.