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4 ways to revamp your rolling display racks

4 ways to revamp your rolling display racks

Chances are you have a few rolling display racks in your store. Some retailers use them to arrange merchandise in the store itself, while others use their racks to sort dressing room leftovers or sort through new SKUs in the backroom.

Regardless of how you use your rolling racks, wouldn’t you rather they be a dynamic part of your establishment rather than just a boring fixture? Here are four ways that you can improve your usage of rolling racks in your store.

1. Create a mobile sale section
There’s probably a section of your store dedicated to sales merchandise, but if you’re hosting a special seasonal clearance, you can present the marked-down SKUs prominently using a rolling rack. Place the rack in your window or at the right-front of your store, as this is the first place that consumers usually look when they enter an establishment. You’ll draw people in and hopefully entice them to buy with your low prices.

Optimize storage with rack shelves.

2. Upgrade your Z-Rolling rack
If you have a few of Firefly’s stackable Z-Rolling racks in your store, you can upgrade them with the new bottom shelf add-on. Now in addition to hanging garments, you can optimize your storage by placing boxes, crates or baskets on the bottom shelf of your rolling rack. This can be helpful for use in your backroom or on the sales floor! If you’re using the rack in your store, why not set out a few pairs of shoes that complement the garments you hang on the rack? Smart display tactics can help increase your customers’ impulse purchases.

3. Fill a boring corner
When you’re rearranging your merchandise, you may end up with some empty corners in your store. You can cover up areas that are under construction with a strategically placed rolling rack. Arrange the rack diagonally across the corner you want to mask, then load it up with some great SKUs. Your customers will be distracted by the merchandise and won’t notice that the corner behind it is less-than-polished.

4. Make an outdoor display
How’s your store’s curb appeal? You need to have something eye-catching in front of your establishment if you’re going to entice people to stop in.

A rolling rack is the perfect tool for creating a display outside your doors. You can simply roll it out in the morning and bring it back in at closing. Just make sure your employees know to keep an eye on any merchandise so passersby don’t carry anything off without paying.