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4 ways to promote your retail brand for Valentine’s Day

4 ways to promote your retail brand for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and that means shoppers are on the lookout for special gifts for their loved ones. Consider these four tips to promote your brand for the annual celebration of love:

1. Use your brand voice as a guide

The type of store promotion that is most appropriate for your brand will depend on the voice you have already established. A retailer specializing in chocolates and candy will require a different approach than a brand that sells flowers, for example.

What are your brand values? Use them as a guide to establish your Valentine's Day promotion. For instance, if one of your brand values is eco-friendliness, then you could approach Valentine's Day from an environmental perspective. If your brand is known for impeccable customer service, you could offer personalized experiences and unique gift options.

2. Send your customers a Valentine's greeting

Everyone likes to receive a special greetings on Valentine's Day. Use this tradition to your advantage by sending out a card to your loyal shoppers. This is the perfect time to leverage your social media pages and email lists. The card doesn't have to go through the post office to be effective. This promotion works well in a virtual channel, too.

Consider adding a promotional discount code, coupon or other offer to your Valentine's Day card to increase your engagement rates. Give shoppers a reason to choose your store to do their shopping for the special day.

3. Build a partnership

Rarely can one retail brand provide everything a shopper needs for his or her Valentine's Day celebrations. Often, customers must stop at several shops to purchase flowers, candies and other gifts. If your store doesn't normally sell items in all of these categories, consider partnering with another brand that complements the items you do have.

For example, if your shop sells jewelry, you could partner with a nearby flower shop to offer bouquets to anyone who makes a qualifying purchase. Likewise, you could partner with a local artist to create a custom set of greetings cards.

4. Train your staff to support Valentine's shoppers

For many people, shopping for the perfect Valentine's Day gift is very stressful. There can be a lot of pressure to get the gift just right. To create a more comfortable shopping experience, consider training your staff on how to support these shoppers by offering sound advice.

If you know certain items tend to sell well around this time of year, make sure all of your staff members know the products inside and out so they can help shoppers make a decision. Staff should also know what types of questions to ask shoppers in order to give the best advice possible. The more they can learn about each shopper's needs, the better their suggestions will be.

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