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4 Ways to Display Top-Dollar Gifts in Your Store This Year

4 Ways to Display Top-Dollar Gifts in Your Store This Year

The end of the year is near, which means the holiday shopping season is on the horizon. As Fit Small Business said, this is the time of year when many businesses make most of their sales, so it's important that your store is ready to cater to interested shoppers.

Since Thanksgiving 2019 falls so late this year, many people are preparing for their holiday shopping ventures far in advance of Black Friday. For this reason, it's vital that your store is in top shape in time for the busiest and most popular shopping season of the year. The perfect deals and sales matched with top-notch merchandise will intrigue customers, but the way you put everything on display will encourage them to take a closer look and make the purchase.

Here are four ways to display top-dollar gifts in your store this year, straight from our 2019 Holiday Catalog:

1. Plastic coated grid panels

Looking for an option that allows you to maximize vertical space? Our Plastic Coated Grid Panels are an excellent choice. Play around with the panels to create a group of cubes that fit within your retail space and make the most sense for your display. Here, you can present small merchandise or use the cube space for holiday decor. Mix and match both for the perfect Christmas sale spectacle.

2. Multi-level cubes

For those interested in a more simplistic merchandise display option, consider the Multi-level Cubes that come in both a black and maple finish. In four different height options, you can guide your customers' eyes from one level of the store to the next and encourage them to take a closer look at some of your most beautiful gift options. From small mannequins and stacks of clothing to winter boots and more, there's no limit to the gorgeous merchandise you can put on display this Christmas.

3. Metal carts

If you're looking for a stylish, trendy and functional way to display small items, a metal cart works great for the holiday season. Depending on the style in your store, you may also choose a wood and metal option for a more rustic look. Here, you can display trinkets and move them around the store daily – this cart option allows you to take advantage of different focal points of the store, encouraging you to test out different spaces the customer may be more drawn to.

4. Shutter ladders

Another gorgeous, trendy option for a merchandise display: Shutter Ladders. As we suggest in our catalog, this is a great option for hanging towels and linens, but you can also use hangers to put clothing on display. Add insert hooks and baskets to the slots for more versatility.

The holiday season is here! Is your store prepared for dozens of new shoppers? Spend the next few weeks preparing for Black Friday and beyond with these display tips, tricks and suggestions. Happy holidays!