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4 things to remember for store openings, resets and remodels

4 things to remember for store openings, resets and remodels


Launching a new store? Or renovating an existing one? Both of these situations have more in common than you think. Here are some ideas for bringing some excitement onto the sales floor, whether you’re doing a new space or a simple reset or remodel.

New store necessities

According to Small Business Trends, there are some things that no retail store can do without. Some of the items mentioned include signage, both outdoor and indoor. You’ll also need shelves, racks and hangers – especially if you sell clothing. And one of the most important essentials is a way to handle transactions – a point of sale system that is advanced enough to do cash, credit and newer payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Unless you’re going totally cashless, you’ll also want to consider a secure drawer or cash register.

Remodeling with creativity

When your store starts getting into the rut of “same old, same old,” that means it’s time to breathe new life into the decor. Entrepreneur says refreshing your look doesn’t have to mean starting all over from scratch. Their advice includes cleaning the clutter and maximizing space, adding new colors to the design scheme (and even carrying that through to your website), and adding new technology if it’s relevant or helpful.

Bob Phibbs, the “Retail Doctor,” goes a step further, with suggestions such as changing displays monthly, putting the newest, fanciest, most expensive, dream-worthy items in the most prominent place in your store, avoiding monochromatic displays, improving store lighting, making sure you incorporate opportunities for shoppers to pick up and touch the products and putting price tags on everything.

Displays for both openings and remodels

Firefly Store Solutions offers a number of innovative display ideas, including traditional and trendy counter display stands, modern and vintage display tables, glass cubes, Slatwalls and gridwalls, mannequins and more.

We also carry accessories of all sorts, from hooks to racks, brackets to scent machines, eco-friendly products to literature displays.

Don’t forget the bags, wrap, pricing equipment and store supplies

When you’re focused on the big picture, creating new looks for store displays, it’s easy to lose sight of little things that function more in the background, but can also have a big impact on sales. Firefly can supply all of these needs as well. For example, shopping bags, perhaps with your store name imprinted on them, are a nice touch. And gift wrapping isn’t just for the holidays – it’s a year-round, personalized service that cements good customer relations. There are wrapping paper choices for all occasions, both simple and fancy.  Price guns and price tags are obviously a necessity, especially during a reset. You can even order different sales tags, alteration tags and carpet tags in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

And lastly, store supplies can range from shopping baskets to dressing room supplies, anti-fatigue mats for sales staff behind the counter, crowd control stanchions, shipping and office supplies, store mirrors, easels and even retail security systems.