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4 spring fashion trends and how to display them

4 spring fashion trends and how to display them

Spring is just around the corner, and when temperatures rise, shoppers hit the streets. Here are four upcoming trends to watch:

1. Trench coats

The rain showers of spring bring life and color to nature, but they also bring mud and moisture to the morning commute. This year, expect to see more women donning trench coats as they head out into the early morning rain. Who What Wear, reporting on the catwalks of New York and London, noted that trench coats were featured among the collections of many famous designers.

Abstract white mannequins are perfect for displaying outerwear because they allow shoppers to mentally place themselves in the clothing, providing a visual prompt to image how the piece would look with another outfit. This year's trench coats for women mimic men's attire by hiding the shape of the wearer. Knotting the coat around the middle can lend a more feminine style to the look.

2. Bicycle shorts

One of Vogue Magazine's top fashion predictions for 2018 is the introduction of bicycle shorts to otherwise formal outfits. Taking a cue from the 1980s aerobics scene, these shorts aren't merely for exercise. In floral or abstract patterns, bicycle shorts can serve to accent top layers in solid colors. For example, Vogue reported seeing bicycle shorts beneath sheer lace gowns and skirts.

Bicycle shorts don't take up much inventory space, meaning you can typically hold an entire stock of items on a single shelving unit. Folding the shorts into tight stacks will allow passing shoppers to fully appreciate the 80s throwback patterns from a distance.

3. Formal pastels

woman in sunglasses, pastel jacket, dressFormal pastels are coming back.

At the end of winter, the return of pastels mimics the blooming flowers typical of the coming season. Until Easter, pastels are fair game. Most of the time, these light and simple colors are worn informally, on t-shirts, skirts or shorts. In certain parts of the country, men tend to wear formal pastels to church, typically as an accent color on a tie. This year, women's fashion is taking a page from the formal pastel book, utilizing solid patterns on linen suits.

According to Harper's Bazaar, these ice-cream inspired hues show that delicacy isn't a sign of weakness. This fashion trend promotes strength and individuality while remaining approachable. Expect to see formal attire in shades of lilac, lemon and eggshell blue. These solids really pop against a busy pattern, such as those featured on our many jersey form covers.

4. Micro purses

Fashion trends can be subtle, and perhaps no new style exemplifies that thought more so than micro purses. Vogue predicts that micro purses will replace the fanny pack trend of 2017. However, these totes carry a lot less than a fanny pack, which is why they're limited to formal situations. When all you need is a tube of lipstick and a credit card, a micro purse can handle the job.

These accessories may be small, but they come in eye-popping colors. Consider displaying them on an open table such as our three-tiered maple display. The table will allow shoppers to view the items from all angles and will certainly draw attention from passersby.

To see the latest retail displays and get more inspiration for your shop, check out our new spring catalog featuring amazing new items.