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4 retail display ideas for Father’s Day 2018

4 retail display ideas for Father’s Day 2018

Though they may beg to differ, dads can be tough to shop for. Nonetheless, each year sons and daughters hit the stores in search of the perfect gift and the amount spent on dads continues to climb each year. According to the National Retail Association, projected figures for last Father's Day had the average cost per dad pegged at $134.75 and total spend at $15.5 billion, which would surpass the previous record spend from 2016.

This Father's Day, help your customers find just the right gift for dad by inspiring them with these four retail display ideas:

Help your shoppers find the best gift for dad.Help your shoppers find the best gift for dad.

1. The outdoor hiker and fisherman

For the dads who love to escape to the great outdoors for the weekend, the outdoorsman retail display case is quite visually appealing. With so many gadgets, tools, tech gear and advanced clothing options, you can create interactive display fixtures that really catch the eye. Consider setting up our high quality and made in the USA corrugated cardboard letters for each of the outdoor categories of your retail display cases. While you may decide to paint them, the cardboard look fits the dad theme just as it is.

2. The athlete

Whether your dad is an avid marathon runner or a regular golfer, there's no doubt that he's dedicated to his time spent training and competing. Any father as passionate about his running stride or his golf stroke as he is about his family will appreciate a gift to complement that. This is where you can really leverage male mannequins by dressing each in the appropriate athletic gear. Decking them out with all the accessories for running and golfing – or tennis, basketball or any sport you choose – is a surefire way to attract the attention of your eager shoppers looking for the perfect gift for dad.

3. The grill master

Plenty of dads love firing up the grill and fixing up a nicely seasoned steak on the weekends. If you want to target this group of dads and the kids shopping for them, create a section of display dedicated to all things grilling. Bring out your grill covers and cookware, and your grill tools and accessories. If you're really looking to kick your display up a notch, consider the DIY burger balloons using our tissue paper for your barbecue themed display from Britt + Co. These are guaranteed to add a festive touch to your retail fixtures.

4. The musical man

Old records, small instruments and musical note cutouts make for a great musical-themed retail display case. In fact, consider implementing something like the 3-Tier Square Table Maple display to showcase all of the great music gifts your store has to offer. This is a space worth adding hanging paper decorations to as well – to add color and texture to your display.

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