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4 ideas for retail St. Patrick’s Day promotions

4 ideas for retail St. Patrick’s Day promotions


If you’re planning on creating a store promotion around St. Patrick’s Day, chances are you want to go beyond putting up some shamrock decorations and offering a few discounts on select items. To build interest in your promotion, use a combined effort of social engagement, captivating store design and eye-catching sales.

Here are four ideas to help you get started:

1. Make lucky savings coupons
St. Patrick’s Day is all about the luck of the Irish – but you and your customers don’t necessarily need to be Irish to partake in the fun. Consider running a promotion that involves a bit of luck to encourage shoppers to have fun while browsing for merchandise. For instance, you could print off coupons with hidden savings. Stand right outside the entrance and hand out a coupon to each shopper as they arrive. Have them peel off a sticker to reveal how much they’ll save. The chance to save big will likely draw in shoppers as they pass near your store.

2. Encourage shoppers to go green
An interesting twist on the holiday is to use the festivities to help out the planet. Offer re-usable shopping bags as a way to draw in customers and encourage them to think about the environment. You could run a social media campaign that promotes store loyalty by offering the bag to the first 50 or 100 shoppers that arrive on St. Patrick’s Day. Plus, you can add to this theme by investing in some green store displays such as our eco-friendly mannequins and gift boxes.

3. Dress the part
Anyone not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day risks getting a playful pinch from their friends. But how about rewarding those green outfits with something positive instead? Fundivo suggested offering a fixed discount to all shoppers wearing a bit of green on the holiday. You and your staff should wear the color as well, and you can also use a green bulldog display to highlight some of your holiday-specific merchandise.

4. Boost your social media game
St. Patrick’s Day promotions are a great way to get your customers involved with your social media pages. Small Business Trends recommended setting up a photo booth where customers can snap fun pictures of their holiday attire. Decorate the booth to fit in with your other retail design efforts. You can post the photos to your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds with a store-specific hashtag. Have fun with your St. Patrick’s Day promotions, and you’ll be more likely to see smiling faces enter your shop on March 17.