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4 fall promotions to try out this month

4 fall promotions to try out this month

Seasonal promotions are the lifeblood of retail stores. You can have low prices all year long and attract little attention, yet boost foot traffic with a retail store banner that announces a sale. Once your display fixtures are decked out with your best products, you can create promotions to move the merchandise in the coming weeks.

By planning sales around events that your consumers are already excited about, you’re forging a connection right off the bat.

1. Discover sales on Columbus Day weekend
Columbus Day weekend is coming up soon, and these holiday weekends are perfect for quick three-day sales. You don’t need to get too crazy with the theme, but a play on the words “explore” or “discover” could be catchy.

However, if you do want to go all out, 123Print suggested hiding gift certificates around your store for a customer scavenger hunt. You can also send flash sale notifications out to social media followers throughout the weekend, encouraging them to come explore the bountiful new land of discounts. For example, launch a deal based on the Columbus Day rhyme, “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”  For your purposes, the social media blast could read, “From 10 o’clock to 2, half off merchandise that is blue.”

2. Celebrate National Pizza Month
Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t, but October is National Pizza Month. Even if it feels like you celebrate this holiday on a regular basis, now is the time to truly embrace your love for hot cheesy slices. First of all, plan a pizza party for your employees sometime during the month. Even if you just buy a few pies to distribute at your monthly staff meeting, they’re sure to appreciate the treat.

However, you can bring business in with the celebration by running a cross promotion with a local pizza restaurant. Ask owners if they would be interested in distributing coupons for your store while you offer discounts for their dishes to shoppers. It’s even better if there’s a pizza restaurant close to the shop so patrons can hit both businesses up in one outing.

3. Honor local educators for World Teachers’ Day
Although Teacher Appreciation Week is always held in the spring, autumn has its own education-centered celebration. World Teachers’ Day is technically Oct. 5, but it’s easy to extend the sentiment through the month. According to Holiday Insights, World Teachers’ Day was created at the International Conference on Education in Geneva back in 1993 when it was initiated by the Director-General of UNESCO.

Offer special discounts for customers who work in the education field. Whether they’re administrators or part-time school volunteers, your can create some type of deal for people who show a school identification card at checkout. Consider subtracting a certain percentage of the total, presenting them with a coupon for future savings or handing out freebies with each purchase.

4. World Series of deals
The baseball postseason has already begun and there are still several games ahead. Take a step back from the blossoming football season and draw attention to Major League Baseball teams with pitchers winding up before the year winds down. One easy way to bring baseball into a promotional deal is with a weekly sale that highlights a postseason upset. Use humorous advertisements, like 30 percent off to show sympathy for a player or team that fell out of the running.

You can also use the World Series to foster conversation and business with your online audience. Keep them up to date on games and stats while promoting everything great about visiting your store in person.