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4 crafty uses for pegboard displays

4 crafty uses for pegboard displays


Retail decorations don’t need to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, you can create a whole host of wonderful displays using only a pegboard, some hooks and your imagination.

Pegboards are extremely versatile. They can serve a purely utilitarian purpose in your backroom, or they can add verticality to your shop’s sight lines. Providing a little variety can stimulate shoppers and encourage them to view more of your merchandise.

Here are four ways you can use pegboard displays in your shop:

1. Create a vertical garden

It’s the season for greenery, so why not bring some inside? With a pegboard, you can hang small potted plants in your store. This adds a bit of color and a lot of personality to your shop. Plus, you may even notice the oxygenating effects of your little garden.

Be sure to host plants that don’t need too much water. Succulents are a great option because they only require infrequent watering, and they can absorb the sunlight from your shop’s front windows during the day. Customers may stop by just to admire your little ecosystem.

2. Store your decorating supplies

Pegboards make highly versatile retail displays.

If you like to add a personal flair to your store’s decorations and retail displays, chances are you have lots of crafting supplies in your back room. With a pegboard and some hooks, you can organize those supplies so you always know just where your tools are stored.

In this case, pegboards are better than drawers because they allow you to see and access your tools at a moment’s notice. No more digging around in miscellaneous drawers looking for the right tool!

3. Display small merchandise

Pegboard display hooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it easier for you to display smaller pieces of merchandise. For example, you could display spools of thread or yarn in neat rows by placing each spool on its own peg.

Using flat hooks, you could create small shelves for displaying anything from jewelry to statuettes. Our colorful bulldog displays look great from any height!

4. Create a pattern

Store fixtures don’t have to be monochrome. You can use wood paint to create unique designs on your pegboards. Using a small brush, you can paint designs that flow between the circular holes.

Be sure to plan your design on paper before trying the real thing. Grab a few sheets of graph paper and color in the squares to define your design. Think of pixel or beaded art. Then, use a light pencil and a yardstick to draw vertical and horizontal lines on your pegboard, as if you were connecting each hole to its neighbors in a grid pattern. Finally, follow your pattern using brightly colored paints!

If you’re looking for more inspiration, or want to know more about using pegboards in your store, contact our retail design experts today! They can help you determine which products best suit your unique needs, within your budget.