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3 ways to use acrylic cubes

3 ways to use acrylic cubes

Just what can you do with acrylic cubes? These versatile display fixtures can be used in a number of ways in your store to create efficient and visually appealing designs. If you’ve never used acrylic cubes or aren’t sure how to implement these pieces as part of your specific shop decor, get creative with one of these ideas:

While some store fixtures are strictly confined to one height or dimension, acrylic cubes offer a broad range of options, whatever your preference may be. The pieces come in varying sizes – from petite at 6-inch squares up to 15-inch pieces that make a bolder statement. For the most flexibility and options, pick pieces in different dimensions. Larger cubes may stand on their own to highlight merchandise, and smaller items are perfect for stacking on top of larger bases or other display features like tables, countertops and shelves.

When you think of acrylic cubes, you may assume that they’re best suited for modern displays due to their sharp lines and dimensions. Think again: The clear boxes can be dressed up to blend into any décor. For example, if you own a high-end boutique and want to highlight a specific product, set a smaller acrylic cube on top of a display table, then drape a piece of shimmery fabric like satin or silk over the top. Voila – you have a sophisticated and stunning base that’s perfect for featuring a jewelry stand, display hand or necklace easel.

If you start with clear acrylic cubes, the sky’s the limit when it comes to letting your creativity shine. Is your style more boho-chic? Give your shop a dazzling accent by spray painting the inside of the cube with a shimmering shade, or use a brush to apply a clear glitter base, then illuminate the cube with string or strand lighting for a warm glow.

Incorporating acrylic accents into holiday displays is a wrap – just grab a roll of your favorite decorative paper and package the cube like a standard box. Accents like wholesale ribbon, bows and seasonal tags will complete the look. After the holidays, keep up a winter theme by turning acrylic cube displays into an icy attraction. Surround items in your front window with fluffy fake snow and spray the edges of the cubes with artificial spray to give the pieces a frozen appearance.