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3 ways to get a jump on Valentine’s Day planning

3 ways to get a jump on Valentine’s Day planning


It’s always a good idea to plan for upcoming holiday promotions at least one month in advance, which means it’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. No matter what kind of merchandise your shop sells, there’s a way to make this love-centric holiday work for you – with a little strategy and the right help, your store will be primed to aid your shoppers in finding the perfect gifts for their sweethearts.

Here’s what you can do now to get your store ready for Valentine’s Day:

1. Always remember your add-ons
Valentine’s candy is one of the most popular gifts to give, and your store shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to offer your shoppers something sweet. In addition to using sweets as an incentive for passersby to hop in, you can use chocolates and baked goods as affordable add-on purchases. For example, if your store specializes in women’s clothing, place some sweets near the register so shoppers can easily include them with their larger purchases. Our baked goods packaging can turn a small treat into an attractive gift!

2. Start promoting early
It may seem like the Christmas season just ended, but it’s already time to start thinking about how you’ll advertise your Valentine’s Day promotions. Marketing consultant Eric Samson, writing for Entrepreneur Magazine, explained that advertising several weeks in advance of the holiday gives you a few advantages. Advertising early will build brand awareness, remind loyal shoppers of your store, and give you a chance to test out multiple forms of marketing. Samson recommended trying out a few strategies until you find one that works – then increase your spend appropriately. Even testing different phrasing of the same sentiment could make a noticeable difference in engagement.

3. Develop a romantic atmosphere
Sense marketing can play an important role in boosting sales at any time of the year, but around the holidays it can be especially potent. When developing your digital and print promotional materials, you’ll probably try to evoke an impression of romance and companionship through images and text. These methods can be powerful and should be reflected in your store, as well. Using a scent system to fill your store with a light, flowery smell can evoke positive feelings in customers, for instance. Combined with visual elements such as hanging paper flowers, you can craft a welcoming retail environment. Making your Valentine’s Day plans now will give you ample time to test out what methods work for your brand. You’ll be able to prepare your store to welcome shoppers searching for the perfect gifts for the special people in their lives.