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3 ways to display spring accessories

3 ways to display spring accessories

Now that all the bundled-up layers are coming off, people will slowly be regaining the chance to wear more of their accessories outdoors. No one will have to worry about the fierce cold and can instead direct their attention to accentuating their outfits without concern of tangling necklaces up in scarves or ripping gloves with rings. With this in mind, take advantage or your store displays by coming up with creative ways to show off some of the smaller products in your shop. Spring brings with it the chance to utilize the natural materials that will soon be thriving in the world outside.

Incorporating nature
Make all the jewelry you have stand out by raising it off of its normal place on your display tables and racks in an elegant fashion. Consider using teak risers made from natural wood as a foundation for some of your more delicate pieces. No two risers are alike because of the innate variations in the wood itself, and this will provide enough of a contrast between your tables to catch the eye of passersby.

If you have too many accessories you want to move that render individual showcases ineffective, use combinations of wooden bowls, trays and hooks to get them all out in view for your customers at once. Larger items can be placed in baskets to promote a picnic feel that you can take advantage of in your spring theme.

Make nature do the aesthetic work for you. People have been looking forward to seeing life returning in abundance, so you can play off of that.

Growing your own creativity
Use the refreshing weather to grow your own ideas any way you can. If you have any wooden hands for exhibiting rings, set up a table covered in loose leaves and make it as if the hands of Mother Earth are extending out of the foliage themselves.

For your bracelets, hang them off of a twig jewelry stand and tie some garland butterflies at the ends to add a bit of bright color.

The resurgence of warmer times will bring with it increased traffic, more pleasurable moods and an opportunity to utilize it all. Changing things up at your business to reflect the seasons shows your shoppers that you’re ready to move out of winter with them.