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3 unique summer window displays that will draw attention

3 unique summer window displays that will draw attention

The front window of your store is one of your best marketing techniques. Though your social media campaigns and TV ads may reach shoppers who are relaxing at home in the air conditioning, your store window is the primary way you can catch the attention of passersby on the street. However, if you have the same ho-hum display for months on end, you’re likely going to see a decrease in foot traffic. Now is the time to spice up your storefront, so here are a few unique ideas that will definitely increase your sales:

Beach blanket bingo
Do you remember those old movies from the 50s that took place at the beach? They featured lots of young, attractive people in the hippest swimwear, dancing the afternoon away shore-side. You can easily recreate this vintage motif in your front window. First you’ll need to dress up a few of your mannequins in bikinis, one-pieces and swim trunks. Next, lay out a few beach towels on some of your display tables, and line them with your hottest summer items. Finally, create a backdrop of the ocean using yellow and blue tissue paper or wholesale ribbon. To really turn heads, play some funky tunes from the past – make sure it’s loud enough that people passing by can hear it.

A festival of colors
In the wintertime, many people enjoy dressing in black and dark grays. But when summer rolls around, it’s time to bust out the bright colors and let your personality shine. You can drive this idea home by featuring a lot of vibrant hues in your front window. Start by hanging up a wall display that contains accessories like sunglasses and hats – anything with a bright color will do. Once you have this backdrop, use a few adult and child mannequins to showcase the bright t-shirts, shorts, tank tops and jackets you’re selling this season. Use balled up tissue paper to create a colorful rainbow border around the frame of your window, and you’ll definitely be getting some intrigued looks from people out and about.

Starry, starry night
During a heat wave, the cool evenings can be blissful. If you want your shoppers to feel this sense of relaxation, consider turning your front window into a night scene. Use black paper to create a dark back drop, complete with a silver or blue moon cut out from your wrapping paper. Next, use jewelry displays containing silver necklaces and bracelets to create the idea of sparkling stars or lights. This theme works particularly well for stores that are open later, so consider extending your summer hours if you use this theme.