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3 tips to improve offline marketing

3 tips to improve offline marketing


A lot of the talk about marketing these days is heavily focused online, and with good reason – with consumers spending so much time on their smartphones, it’s a great way to reach new shoppers. But you can’t underestimate the power of offline marketing either. As people begin to expect advertising online, your offline strategies may stand out more. And then there are passersby. If your boutique is located in an area with heavy foot traffic, you need great curb appeal to attract them away from the competition.

With that in mind, here are three tips on improving your offline marketing strategy:

1.  Define your brand
In the competitive retail market, you need to have a well-defined brand in order to increase engagement and attract new shoppers. Additionally, that brand needs to have a firm footing online and out in the real world. Aaton Agius, writing for Entrepreneur Magazine, reminded readers of the Rule of Seven, the idea that consumers need to be exposed to your brand seven times before they’ll make a purchase. The key here is consistency across the board.

One way to affect your offline presence is to have interesting and fun window displays. The tone and style should match what shoppers saw in your print and digital advertisements. The retail industry is highly visual, and you can turn that into a huge advantage by creating window displays that show off your personality. Your visual displays should change seasonally at least, though you might even consider changing them on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Check out our visual display section for fun and affordable ways to add some fun to your storefront.

2. Offline and online should work together
The best overall marketing strategy spans both the digital and offline realms. This approach will ensure you cover as much ground as possible. And it doesn’t have to break your budget, either. If you’ve already seen good traction online, you can leverage that into an offline campaign. Having an integrated campaign makes that easier. If you can expose new customers to a social media ad, an engaging tweet and mail flyer you would be well on your way to getting those coveted seven engagements that Agius spoke on. It’s not a hard-and-fast rule, but the more exposure you can get, the better.

3. Don’t neglect traditional channels
There’s no doubt that social media campaigns and pay-per-click ads are the future of advertising. But it’s not time to abandon traditional offline channels yet! Social Media Today found that 54 percent of adults in the U.S. are more likely to buy a product that they see in a trusted newspaper or magazine, making these great places to advertise. And then there’s the seasonal sale – this simple-yet-effective method can really get shoppers in your store and eyes on your merchandise.