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3 tips for streamlining sale displays

3 tips for streamlining sale displays

During holiday sales, you don’t just want to put out your best deals and bargains, you also need customers to notice them. Streamlining sales displays is a great way to effectively market your merchandise while maintaining a stylish appearance to your space. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you show off what you’ve got:

1. Location, location, location
Where you place sale items throughout your store should vary throughout the retail season. For example, during non-holiday times of year, it’s fine to have a bargain section in the back of your space or in a secluded area that customers might have to actively seek out. However, during peak sale times of year, like the Christmas holidays, it’s important to draw attention to these discounts in a more timely fashion. Move the sale section to a visible location in your shop – somewhere close to the entrance and in visitor’s eye line as soon as they come through the door. For additional highlighting, you can add lights or decorative and functional details like mannequins and models to the display.

2. Build efficient store displays
Efficiency throughout your shop should always be a priority, but when customer volume skyrockets during the holidays, it becomes increasingly important to maximize the number of items in your space without seeming overcrowded. To smoothly transition to a larger amount of merchandise, simply implement a few high-efficiency store fixtures that don’t sacrifice style. These may include traditional dump bins or non-contained display tables for items that easily stack on top of one another. Remember that you can also improve your efficiency by implementing items that utilize walls as well as floor space. Shelving units and hooks are two examples of such pieces.

3. Draw attention with signs
During the busy shopping season and subsequent sales, customers will probably be overwhelmed by the number of options with which they’re faced. Make it easy for them to find exactly what they’re looking for by utilizing signs and posters that draw attention to deals. You can opt for a variety of choices, including standing whiteboards and chalkboards that are simple to update or customize, standing posters and smaller signs that are great for specific items. Don’t forget to double check tagging to ensure that everything is clearly and properly marked to prevent any confusion at the checkout counter.