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3 steps to an efficient gift-wrapping station

3 steps to an efficient gift-wrapping station

When it comes to prepping your shop for the holidays, a gift-wrapping station might seem as simple as stocking up on packaging necessities like paper and bows. Giving your preparation a bit more thought and structure, however, can make a big difference in terms of customer satisfaction and efficiency. Follow these steps to ensure that your station is both productive and appealing:

1. Optimize location
For shoppers to utilize a gift wrapping station, it has to be located somewhere that’s noticeable as well as convenient. Since customers will be bringing their gifts over for packaging right after making a purchase, there’s no better spot than between the checkout counter and the door. Depending on the size of your space, a few display tables may be sufficient to efficiently serve all of your guests. Still, you’ll want to maximize how you use counter space. Items like wrapping dispensers and tissue paper racks, as well as stands for rolls of wholesale ribbon will give a polished and organized appearance to your materials, and save a lot of room in the process.

2. Select your staff
When it comes to gift preparation, you have two options: You can provide the materials and let customers wrap items themselves, or you can train a few staff members to lend a helping hand. While the first option may seem simpler, especially during a shopping period when store help may be tight, letting time-crunched shoppers loose on a table of supplies could lead to more confusion than convenience. Manning the wrapping station could also serve as a creative relief for staff rotated through the position during their regular retail appointment. Gift station experts should obviously be friendly and personable, as well as informed about the different packaging options and able to make a few suggestions for guests in order to keep a steady flow of traffic.

3. Choosing materials
In an ideal world, you could incorporate wrappings and accessories of every shape, size and shade. However, you probably have a limited amount of space, particularly during heavy shopping times when every inch counts. Select a combination of holiday packaging options, as well as more neutral items. For instance, you’ll definitely want wrapping paper and tissue in red, green and gold, but holiday-specific excess bulk retail supplies will have to be put into storage for next year’s season, so it’s smart to stock up on packaging in a wide range of solid tones and winter-themed patterns as well.