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3 rustic summer retail display ideas

3 rustic summer retail display ideas


Summer in the countryside brings people and nature together in the most refreshing way.

You can add some rustic summer fun to your store this year with a few well-planned retail display pieces. Read on for inspiration:

1. Create a vertical display with slatwall panels

One of the best things about designing retail displays is that the rules are flexible. While your front window displays can make an alluring impact on shoppers, you should also follow up with another visually stimulating display on the show floor.

Slatwalls make it easy to craft a vertical display.

One way to achieve this goal is to develop a display that won’t take up valuable space for merchandise. Using our slatwall panels, you can create a rustic display that adds color, depth and style to your shop.

With our old barnwood slatwall pieces, your wall becomes a reminder of pleasant summer afternoons in the countryside. Our slatwall brackets make it a snap to display any kind of merchandise.

2. Bring the outdoors inside

Another fun way to create a rustic retail display is to bring some of the outdoors inside. What do you picture when you imagine the summer sun rising over the countryside? The warmth and fragrance of the breeze? The call of swallows in the distance? Use your own experiences to guide your display, or take inspiration from sources online.

For example, you might bring a light, natural scent to your shop with our scent machines. Reader’s Digest reported that natural smells like pine, citrus, grass and flowers can make us feel more relaxed and at ease. In a retail environment, this can help shoppers to slow down and take more time with the merchandise.

For the summer, consider scents such as Summer Cocktail, My Garden, or Sweet Earth. Request a FREE sample today to try them for yourself!

If you want to bring some lush plant life into your store, consider using artificial models to avoid giving shoppers a sneeze!

3. Make a family scene

When you picture a rustic setting, it isn’t just the beauty of nature that makes the scene, it’s also the focus on spending time with family. Kids are home from school, families are more likely to go on vacation, and life takes on a slower pace.

To bring this element of family bonding into your shop, try creating a family scene with adult and child mannequins. Dress them up in this year’s most popular summer clothing and accessories. Pay attention to the energy of the piece. Perhaps your mannequin family will enjoy a picnic in a field or they will explore a vineyard bursting with plump grapes.

No matter what you choose, use found props and merchandise to set the scene – and don’t forget to rotate your displays throughout the season.

Need more inspiration to optimize your summer retail displays? Contact our helpful retail design experts today!