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3 retail window display ideas for Q1 2018

3 retail window display ideas for Q1 2018


The new year is just around the corner, and that means retailers need to think about their Q1 window displays now. Here are three ideas to inspire you:

1. January: New year, new look

A colorful window display will attract passersby.A colorful window display will attract passersby.

When the holidays are over, everyone will be looking for ways to make the new year even better than the last. From hitting the gym to hitting the books, people resolve to improve themselves. Clothing retailers can inspire shoppers with beautiful, daring displays that reflect the positive emotions that come with a new year.

For example, retailers could create a joyful winter display with posed mannequins, found objects and hanging paper snowflake decorations. Displaying brightly colored outfits against a white winter background will make them stand out to passersby.

If your brand has resolved to be better in some way, make that goal the centerpiece of your display. For instance, if your store is making an effort to be more environmentally friendly, craft a display that lets everyone know! You could use recycled paper to decorate cardboard letters, upcycle discarded objects into set pieces, or show off new merchandise on our eco-friendly displays.

2. February: Valentine’s Day

After a wintry scene, nothing will be more breathtaking than a sudden palette shift to bold reds and pinks. Valentine’s Day offers plenty of fun opportunities for eye-catching displays. Our red hanging spheres will add height and texture to your window display and create a thematic connection throughout your showroom.

Around February 14, you can populate your shop with cute bulldog forms and colorful flowers that will catch your shoppers’ attention, as well as encourage them to stop and browse the displayed merchandise.

February is also a good time to begin clearing out your winter inventory, as shoppers plan for the warmer months ahead. Offering clearance promotions in February can help your store recuperate after the holiday sales slump.

3. March: Spring renewal

With March, the early signs of spring begin to arrive. The days get longer, the temperatures begin to creep up and the trees begin to bud. The end of winter tends to make shoppers feel upbeat and ready to enjoy the beauty of the approaching season.

Leverage the shift in attitudes by creating a window display that shines with the energy of the springtime. Our patterned jersey form covers are beautiful mosaics that may remind shoppers that the world is full of life and color. To create an immersive display, consider adding a scent system to your store, which brings warm feelings with fragrances like Sweet Earth and My Garden.

When you appeal to each of the shopper’s five senses, you create a retail environment that encourages a slower, more peaceful pace. So as you develop your unique window display, remember to incorporate as many of the senses as possible.

To ensure you have everything you need to make eye-catching displays in 2018, give our retail design experts a call today!