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3 pant styles to display this summer

3 pant styles to display this summer

Summer has officially arrived. Your customers have packed away their corduroys and fur-lined leggings, unearthed the bathing suits and prepared to shop the season’s most popular styles.

As you mix up the sales floor this month, you should center store displays around summer attire and merchandise. Consider showcasing these three garments that shoppers are sure to be on the hunt for using pant form mannequins.

Dress pant forms in stylish shorts to boost summer sales.

1. High-waisted shorts
If you supported the high-waisted shorts trend last summer, you’re in for a treat this year. From denim cutoffs that fasten around the belly button to lacy cloth shorts a la Taylor Swift, you have plenty of options for store displays. Many people like the high-waisted look because it’s perfect for crop tops. Those tiny tees aren’t just for movie sets in the ’90s anymore. Young ladies love pairing crop tops with high-waisted shorts, pants and skirts to reveal a small section of midriff.

Dress your pant forms in high-waisted bottoms and arrange your selection of crop tops on a display table nearby. This will encourage shoppers to mix and match your fashionable products.

2. Cropped pants
Whether you call them capris, floods or just cropped pants, this style works for women of all ages. These short bottoms look great in a variety of fabrics, ranging from denim and leather to linen and silk. Consider highlighting your selection of cropped white pants for the ladies who strictly follow the old rule of seasonal fashion – no white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. Patterned floods are fabulous for a relaxed evening on a restaurant patio or a garden party.

3. Cuffed boyfriend jeans
While skinny pants are still a favorite look for some ladies, boyfriend jeans are just as trendy. These loose-fitting pants are ideal for people to throw on after a long day in the sun when they don’t want to be constricted by denim pants. Many women opt for light-wash boyfriend jeans, perhaps with a few casual rips in the knees.

“There are 2 ways to style boyfriend jeans.”

There are two ways to style boyfriend jeans on your mannequins: with pin rolls or larger folds. Pin rolls take a bit of practice, but the tapered look is excellent with flats, sneakers and booties. Pull the pant legs straight down then fold the sides forward, pulling the extra fabric tight across the front of your ankle. Hold the flap in place as you start the roll. The first fold should be about an inch high and tight enough to maintain the pin shape. From there, roll each leg two or three more times, depending on how much leg you want to show.

A simple cuff is a bit bulkier and casual. To achieve this look, fold the bottom of the jeans up about four inches then scrunch the folded section. Flip the top of the cuff over so the roll has an accordion style to it.