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3 ideas for the first window display of spring

3 ideas for the first window display of spring

It may feel like the year has only begun, but spring is already around the corner. As many parts of the country feel the warmth of the new season approaching, you can get a head start on your window display designs.

Here are three ideas to inspire your creativity:

1. Go green

Warming temperatures and budding trees inspire shoppers to leave their homes and head out into the world. Welcome them to your shop with a nature-inspired window display that combines eco-friendliness and spring colors. Let nature be your muse as you create a display that highlights a deep connection between the consumer world and the planet we all call home.

For example, consider accentuating vibrant spring clothing with our eco-friendly mixed media forms. Made with a linen fabric torso and bendable plastic arms, these displays are perfect for showing off this season's latest trends. Plus, the fully bendable arm and finger joints make it possible to add more movement and character to your theme.

This is also a perfect opportunity to utilize found objects to enhance your window display. With the right mindset, an old wheelbarrow could become a fantastic way to lift small items up to eye-level. Play with the theme to make it relevant to your brand.

2. Think in pastels

This year, spring arrives a little earlier than usual, with March 20 marking the first day of the season. That means the Easter holiday will arrive on April 1 – no fooling! Retailers can take advantage of this early start by decking out their stores in fun pastel colors.

For a fun project, consider painting our corrugated cardboard letters in fun pastels. Spell out the word "sale" or "Easter" to entice passersby into your shop. You can leverage common Easter decorations, such as colorful baskets and eggs, to make a really fun scene. Remember to fill up the space so there's something interesting to notice above and below eye level. Hanging paper decorations in the shapes of flowers and birds are a good fit.

As with any window display, you should try to tie the theme to other areas throughout your store. For example, if you're going with an Easter theme you could offer candy near the registers as an impulse or add-on purchase.

3. Say goodbye to winter

As we welcome the coming season, we say farewell to the previous. As cold weather becomes a memory, consider celebrating winter one more time. While other shops are turning green, a winter theme could help you stand out from the crowd. Plus, it gives you one more opportunity to leverage your winter display items.

Try dressing your mannequins in fuzzy winter hats and bright Hawaiian shirts. The contrast will make your display pop, causing passing shoppers to pause and check out your store. This is also a perfect way to announce your end-of-the-season clearance sale as you prepare for new inventory.

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