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3 ideas for spring sale promotions

3 ideas for spring sale promotions

With all the extra foot traffic in stores thanks to the warmer weather, it’s a perfect opportunity to capitalize on the energy shoppers are feeling by running some spring sale promotions in your store. You should already have spring-themed store displays, and now it’s time to harness that to generate extra business while people are still craving to get outside after the long winter. Besides the regular sales, it’s always good to change it up and do something a little more grandiose to get customers interested.

So get your promotional posters ready to advertise the deals you’re going to put on. Build up excitement before your spring sales and get a little creative to set your business apart.

One with nature
Leaves are filling the branches of trees and flowers are blooming with color. The smell of fresh-cut grass will become more prevalent just like the sun’s rays. No matter where shoppers go, they’re likely going to be thinking about the outdoors. To relieve that itch to get back out in the fresh air, your store can run a simple promotion to make your customers feel more in tune with nature.

An easy way to do this is by giving out a free flower with every purchase one day. It may not be the most elaborate advertisement, but the message it delivers will be appreciated by your customers. They’ll be able to carry a piece of spring with them wherever they go or have a small reminder of your shop displayed in their house. People will be carrying the flowers around and maybe even putting them in their hair, becoming walking advertisements for the small act of kindness you’re handing out.

Spring cleaning the closets
People will be eager to do some spring cleaning once the temperatures rise, and this includes their closets, reported azcentral. Fashion trends change even quicker than the seasons, and some shoppers will be anxious to update their wardrobe.

Your store can promote this urge to refresh attire with displays of mannequins sporting the latest designs of the season as well as a few adorned in spring cleaning gear. Some of your models can be decked out in aprons and rubber gloves while holding brooms and mops to get the point across. Your mannequins can inspire shoppers to clear out the old to make way for the new and thanks to your stalwart advertisements, they’ll be in the right place to find it.

Bring the sale outside
If your storefront is accessed by the outdoors and the weather cooperates, you can put on a sale right outside your doors. Bring some store racks out with your spring inventory on them and set up some message boards letting passersby know what’s going on. Shoppers won’t have to spend the beautiful day indoors, and the promotion will offer a nice change of pace for your store and employees.

If you have a good relationship with any nearby food vendors, you could even invite them to sell samples of their food at your outdoor sale to create an exciting and unique event for consumers to enjoy, according to Small Business Trends. If shoppers have the option of being fed too, the amount of time they’ll spend browsing your store racks will increase.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of promotion you choose to run as long as it incorporates spring at its heart and feeds off of what shoppers want most – good times and sunshine.